Roswell- The UFO Crash Story With Pictures

 Here’s a fast summary of the Roswell-incident.

On the eavning of July 2nd 1947 a glowing, disc-shaped, UFO is reported seen flying over Roswell, New Mexico, in north-west direction. Following day (July 3rd) ranch-foreman William “Mac“ Brazel, along with his neighbours son Dee Proctor, finds debris scattered over a big area where Brazels sheep is usually kept. The sheep won’t go near the outspread debris of tinfoil and balswood-similar pieces. Brazel drives Dee home, where he shows Dee’s mother (Loretta Proctor) some of the pieces. Loretta advises him to contact the local Sheriffen in Roswell. As the ranchstation don’t have eletricity or telephone it isn’t until July 6 that Brazel is leaving the pieces of the debris at the Sheriffs office.
Sheriff (George Wilcox) gets in contact with Roswell Air Field and ask them to examine the pieces. During that time, the local radiostation makes an interview with Brazel where he suggests that the debris is from a UFO.
When Major Jesse Marcel agent Sheridan Cavitt is looking at the pieces and is astouned by it’s behaviour (memory-shape a.s.o) they decide to follow Brazel home. When they get to Brazels ranchstation, late in the eavning,  they decide to wait until next morning before they inspect the debris-field.
After they have inspected the debris-area (ca 700 squeremeters big) Marcel and Cavitt fills their cars with debris-pieces. Cavitt returns to the base while Marcel to his family where he shows his wife and son (Jesse Marcel Jr.) some of the pieces.

Immediatly after Marcel returns to the base colonel William Blanchard decides to send out an official pressrelease saying that Roswell 509th Bombgroup (USA’s only bombgroup that carried atomic bombs that also dropped the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki) had a crasched UFO in their possesion. Leiutenant Walter Haut was the public information officer that wrote the pressrelease.

Marcel turns scapegoat

 (*Picture: General Ramey and Major Marcel shows the “weatherballon” to the press)
Marcel is ordered to accompany some of the debris on a B-29 to Wright Field (nowdays Wright Paterson AFB) in Dayton, Ohio, for investigation. At an intemediate landing at Carswell Army Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas (headqarters of 8th Airforce) 4,5 hours later General Roger Ramey releases a new pressrelease where he claims that Marcel has missinterpret the debris and orders him to, infront of a group, of journalists, display a weatherballon, that the airforce claims is what was found at the Brazel ranch and are the complete debris. At the same time the FBI is interupting the teleprompters for the radio/press, telling them not to spread the first message and thge military is driving around confiscating the first version (Walter hauts) of the pressrelease .
Rancher Mac Brazel is arrested by MP and is interrogated for several days after he asks the radiostation to be interviewed once more to correct his earlier statement. Now he knoes nothing…

La Paz finds the second site


During this, the military has blocked off the craschsite with double rows of guards all the way to the highway and is meticulously picking up all the debris. After a couple of days the meteor-expert Dr. Lincon LaPaz is flown in to judge the vehicles angle and speed when it hit the ground. He orderes an extention of the search-area and soon finds the second site with four aliens laying by the craft, which have crasched at a rocky-area at the San Augustin-plains (Stanton T. Friedmans version).
But a number of people has already found the craft and the aliens. And when the military gets there, these people are taken aside and threaten not to mention what they have seen. The four aliens (where one maybe still is alive) is being moved along with the craft to the Roswell AFB.

Up to here, the story is intact (sort of). It’s at the second site that the story cracks in two directions

Roswell-research begins

 One of the first contacts Friedman had with the Roswell-incident was during a conversation with Lydia Sleppy, which was the person that recived the FBI-warning at the KGFL radiostation, where she was ordered not to send out the earlier pressrelease by Walter Haut over the teleprinter.
The second contact with the case was on February 29th 1978, when his good friend and radio/TV-producer, Johnny Allan, , during a coffebreak between interviews, gave him a tip to talk to Jesse Marcel Sr which was an old friend of Allan. Marcel has told Allan that he has held parts of a crasched UFO during his military-days. Day after Friedman calls up Marcel in his home in Houma, L.A., and is given the story that now has turned into a legend and cult.
Before this in 1972, Friedman was contacted by Vern and Jean Maltais after a lecture in Minnesota. The Maltais-couple gave Friedman a tip about Barney Barnett that had vlaimed to Maltais that he had been at the spot when they found the crasched UFO and the bodys. Friedman gave this information to his old friend and English-teacher since the late 60’s, William “Bill“ Moore (they had been in the same UFO-association in 1969). But it wasn’t until 1979 Moore and Friedman continued on the case. During 1979 and 1980 Friedman and Moore managed to locate and interview 60 witnesses of the incident, and their testimonys was used as foundation for the Bill Moore/Charles Berlitz bok The Roswell Incident. The year before Moore had released a book about the Philadelphia Experimentet with Berlitz. And Berlitz had just had great success with his book The Bermuda Triangle, which everyone wanted to profite on. Though Moore and Berlitz ended up in arguments about money, Berlitz used parts of Friedman/Moores-reserach for the book, but to loads of imaginary scenarios to fill it out…

After a couple of other bookcontracts that didn’t take off, and an assistentjob for a movie that was supposed to be directed by Jaime Shandera, later UFOlogist and reciver of the Majestic-12-docments on microfilm (more about that later), Friedman went back to his reserach around nuclear-radiation – he had a family to support.


Bill Moore continued the research on his own, and was, among other things, fooled by a sergeant Richard Doty, that fed him the spectacular story of a group of 10 secret agents that worked within the national security, handling the UFO-matter, and topsecret project as SIGMA, REDLIGHTS a.s.o. All 10 agents had birdnames as cover, Condor, Falcon a.s.s. (even Moore is said in the February ’96 issue of Saucer Smear to be a paid CIA-agent under the name of “Mockingbird”…) During a TV-show in October 1988 (UFO Cover Up? Live) this Doty is revealing that there is a EBE (alien) in custody within USA at the time, that loves Tibetan music and strawberry icecream…
Friedman was also a part of the show, but says that he felt run-over by the producers. Everyone was only allowed to read their lines of a TV-monitor, pre-written by the producer, and no-one was allowed to add any information apart from that at all. Also, Friedman had big problems to get money from the network for his planeticket. When he finally recived the check he notice that it is posted from Gray Advertising, New York, which Friedman knows is deep involved in the CIA… Adding to that, the TV-station didn’t recive a single letter from the public, even though the adress was shown on the screen.

Research on his own

In dissapointment caused by the TV-show, Friedman decides to continue the research of the Roswell-case on his own. Through a woman that was researching the Gulf Breeze-sightings he got in touch with “Pappy“ Hendersons wife – Sappho (“Pappy“ was dead). “Pappy“ Henderson was a pilot within USAF that claimed he had flown a part of the crasched craft to Wright Field AFB. Mrs. Henderson gave Friedman a number of other names to look up. “Pappy“ also claimed that he had held, in his hand, a part of the craft as late as 1977!

 One of these new names was Glenn Dennis, which at the time (July 1947), was a newly graduate mortician in Roswell which also was responsable for driving the ambulance for the AFB.
Dennis story goes like this: A officer at the Airbase phoned him up and wanted to know if he had any coffins in childsize. He also wanted to know about chemical preservation of half decayed bodies.
Dennis also says that he was “close to” one of the nurses at the airbase and that he took every chance to visit her. After the slight peculiar questions over the phone (that came back several times), he went out to the base to ask his “friend“ what was happening? She paniced when she saw him and asked him to leave immediatly. After that a couple of MP’s pushed him against a wall and said: (according to Dennis) “-We use the likes of you as dog food!“ And then they pushed him back in his car. Friedman claims that he hasn’t been able to locate this nurse even though he tried with all effort, although he has located a labassistant that remembers the nurse.

Don Schmitt drops out of the picture


Kevin Randle said the same thing (about that he couldn’t find the nurse) to the magazine OMNI last autumn and OMNI took it as a challenge to find the documents from the (claimed) 6 nurses and nurse “X“ (named Judy – according to Dennis) that Glenn Dennis was “close to” in July 1947. According to Kevin Randle, nurse “X” haven’t been in any year-book of nurses from the base and the other five haven’t been located. Or, as Don Schmitt said “- Once again it seems like “they“ has cleared all their tracks…“ With thios Randle and Schmitt wanted to give a picture of a cover-up saying that “they” (NSA/CIA) had taken all the records of the nurses of the arcives.
OMNI corrspondent Paul McCarthy did his research from his home on Hawaii. He had been given the names of the 6 nurses by Kevin Randle (including nurse “X“ that according to Randle was supposed to be named Naomi Maria Selff). It took him 3 days to find the documents from the nurses!
The nurses real name was: Major Claudia Ubele, Captain Adeline Fanton, First Leuitenant Angele LaRue, Colonel Rosemary McManus och Major Joyce Godard. The 6th nurse (nurse “X”) couldn’t be traced. And everybody was dead except Rosemary J. Browne (unmarried name – McManus), who was living at a nurseryhome. Her head was still clear (93 years old) and she couldn’t remember any strange activity at all on the base at the time (july 1947)). She didn’t know who nurse “X” was, haven’t heard of her and no less worked with her. Rosemary said that she had been contacted right before OMNI’s McCarthys visit by two other Roswell reserachers – Don Schmitt and his collegue (probably Brad Radcliff, Schmitts “assistent“ as Randle claims he has  never heard of!!!)
When Randle is told this he tracks Schmitt down. Randle have been given Schmitt assignemnet to find the documents and Schmitt has told him they were “gone“… Schmitt lies to Randle who defends his co-searcher. But after some time Randle finds out that Schmitt has been lying all along, but accurently he thinks that the “cover-up” story is profitable and in his latest book ROSWELL UFO KRASCH UPDATE (came out may 1995) he avoids all these miscrediting facts about his own reserach. And Don Schmitt is no longer he’s co-writer…
Friedmans coment:

– Kevin Randle has written 78 fiction books where he transforms probably scenarios faster that he blinks. Besides, Don Schmitt, instead of having a Ph.d. (Batchelor Of Science) and working on his masters degree – he has no degrees and is working fulltime as a post-deliverer for the United States Post Office…“ (and has had the job fulltime since 1983).
It’s also rumoured that Don Schmitt has been forced to leave his seat at the board of J. Allen Hyneks researchteam CUFOS…

Several versions from Glenn Dennis

 (*Picture: Philip J. Klass asleep at MUFON anual conference)
Glenn Dennis has given several versions of his acquaintance with nurse “X”. Also in MUFON UFO JOURNAL from April 1992 in an interview from dec. 31, 1991, by UFOlogist Anne MacFie is Glenn Dennis testimony falling apart.
Here Dennis claiming that the nurse was a 23 year old girl from St.Paul, and was raised in a monastery and wanted to become a nun after she finnished her militaryservice. The monastery had also paid for her two years in collage. At the question if he knows if nurse “X“ is dead he answers: “-I don’t know. I heard that she died several years ago (1988)…but it was only rumours.“ “- I never tried to contact her…She joined some order (monastery) after she got out of the military, but I don’t think she would want to talk now. She was so disciplined that if her boss would order her to walk over a fire – she would do it.“ I’ve tried to get a hold of the original of this article without success. The information comes from Philip J. Klass Skeptics UFO Newsletter #31, Jan 1995. And I know that he’s not a popular guy within the UFOlogy-communion, but it would be crazy of him to refer to an article that is printed in thousands, therefore I’m including these discreditable information about Glenn Dennis.

What does all this tells us about Glenn Dennis? Dennis has also claimed that nurse “X“ dissapeared from the base soon after summer of 1947 and that she was transfered to England. When he wrote a letter to her it came back with the mark “deceased”. If now Rosemary McManus can’t remember that nurse “X“ ever was on the base in July 1947, or any other time, then Glenn Dennis testimony is a dead end.

Sheridan Cavitt

 Sheridan Cavitt was the guy who was accompanied by Marcel when they first inspected the crashsite at Brazels ranch. First when he was approached by the question, he said he had never been there. Now he has changed his mind and says that ” it WAS a weatherballon” they found and that it was spread over a 20 feet area. Marcel says it was 10 times that big. Friedmans comment:

– There is no question that Cavitt has very much changed his testimony since first located by me and talked to Bill Moore and others. I think he’s saying what he thinks governmentpeople want to hear. Once an itelligence agent, always an intelligance agent. Obviously his new testimony is completely at odds with that of Rickett (Cavitts assistent. red), Marcel, Brazel, and even Lt. McAndrew. An immeditaly recognized single ballon covering only a 20′ square area and fitting into a vehicle is absurd.

New witnesses

 At the same time (July 7 1947) a journalist from Associated Press in Albaquerque, Kellahin, claims that he visited Brazel at his ranch and that he could see Marcel and Cavitt inspecting the crasch-site. He took some pictures of the debris and Brazel that he send to his paper. What does Friedman say about this new witness?

– There are always people coming forth with false testimony concerning high profile events. I have seen no reliable evidence about Kellahin taking pictures at the site. In my gray basket at best

Is there any debris left?


At this moment at piece from the Brazel-ranch (is proposed to have been delivered by an old soldier who was on the “clean-up” team) has been handed to the Sheriff in Roswell . But until more information about the truth of that is at hand – this is the scene.
If “Pappy“ Henderson could keep a piece of the debris at least until 1977 (according to his wife) – why haven’t a single piece surfaced?

– Pappy Henderson, and probably others, did save a piece. I don’t know where any are. This was a very remote area with complete control by the military (manuý connected with the Manhattan Project ((atomic bomb development.red))) under very high security shortly after a major war. New Mexico has 120,000 square miles, and back then only about 1 million people.

First of all – if Friedman could locate some debris he has a “strong” case. Why haven’t he made an effort to do that? I can’t find anything about him searching for it in his book or papers (correct me if I’m wrong). And if this area was high security – how come Gerald Anderson and his family could go “stone-hunting” without security-problem? Anderson claim his family took the car and drove right out on the plains and stumbled on the crashed craft. Doesn’t sound as a high security area to me…

Another person that has severly changed her testimony is Bessie Brazel (Mac’s doughter). Now she claims she was with her father when he found the debris (instead of Dee Proctor). And that she followed him to Roswell when he left the debris at the Sheriffs office. Neither Bessie or Kellahins testimony fits into Friedmans scenario.

– Bessie’s testimony has changed substantially from when she was first interviewed by Bill Moore. I don’t know why?

Maybe she wants to be “inside” the story and has felt the smell of money as the town of Roswell is in the TV-spotlight…


 *Picture: I-Beams drawn by Jesse Marcel Jr. based on his memory of the debris his father showed him)
If now Jesse Marcel Sr. came in contact with crashsite nr 1., and even brought some pieces of the debris home – how did the “I-Beams“ look like that was engraved in some parts?

– Jesse Marcel Jr. has made some drawings of the I-beam, about 3/8″ high and 18″ long and its symbols. Replicas are available from the international UFO Museum and Reserach Center in Roswell. (see sketch above). ***image10***

A discrediting issue about Marcel Sr. is his 200 pages thick military file. In the file are all his missions noted, education and combat-missions. These statements are from “The KowPflop Quarterly“ (associations to Karl Pflock?). In it you’ll find Robert Todd’s research around Marcels claimed distinctions. Titel of the article is “Major Jesse Marcel: Folk Hero Or Mytho-maniac?“(read the whole article!).
Marcel have claimed, according to Todd, that he had 3000 flight hours behind him as a pilot before he went into the airforce, but there’s no notes at all of these flighthours in his file. Apart from that, it’s noted that he only was a crewmember during WW II-flights, and not a pilot as he claims. Marcel also claims that he was rewarded with 5 medals to honour him shoting down 5 enemy aircrafts in battle. His file says he only recieved 2 medals for being in the air a number of hours during battle – but never as a gunman. Maybe Friedman doesn’t know about these information regarding Marcel because in his paper The Roswell Incident, The USAF and the New York Times, sept.26 1994, he claims that “- Marcel has been a pilot and was shot down over southeast-Asia during WW II.” Marcel also claims he has a B.S. (Batchelor Of Science) from George Washington University in Washington D.C., and also that he has gone to four other colleges. In his file there’s only one college noted and no finnish-degree at all. After he left the military service in 1950 he went back to his calm life as a TV-repairman.
Along with Klass, Robert Todd is also “a red blanket“ within the UFOlogy communion, but he’s also a counter-weight against all researchers which only wants to get information that “fits” the story.


Dispute about the location of crashsite nr 2.

The big difference between Kevin Randles and Stanton T. Friedmans research around the Roswell-incident is that they have two distinct different crashsites. The reason to this drastic difference is that they support their alligations on two different chains of witnesses around the second site where the bodies are supposed to have been found.

Randle builds his scenario on witnesses like Frank Kaufmann, that claims he was ordered by General Martin F. Scanlon to monitoring a radarscreen around the clock at White Sands (he also claims to have been a CIA-agent at the time) and saw a “blip“ of the UFO, following that he drove to the place where the “blip“ dissapeared from the screen. In private calls Randle has had with Friedman, he has said that Kaufmann even had strategic mirrors placed in the room so he could watch the screen while sitting on the toilet… Kaufmann was also a part of the BBC 4 documentary aired in august where the Santili-movie was first shown to the public (more about Santili in another article in this magazine). In the documentary Kaufmann left no evidence or leads to follow at all about the truth of his claims. He only sat there in a comfortable chair saying: “- Either you belive me or you don’t!“ Much left to ask for regarding proof. Besides, there was no ADC-radars in New Mexico in July 1947, according to Friedmans research.
In Randles new book he also uggests that Brazel (the ranchforeman) could have been in direct contact with the second site (where the UFOwas found), which there is NO TESTIMONY AT ALL who points in that direction.
I must say that most of Randles book is vague without conviction. Adding to that, Randle is having problems with one of his keywitnesses – Jim Ragsdale, which drasticly changed his testimony regarding crashsite 2. Ragsdale has now told Friedman that he and his girlfriend camped in a brush covered area around 20 miles north-east of Roswell, and not dirctly north of, where Randle wants to place the second site. Instead of realising that Ragsdale now fits into Friedmans scenario – Randle chose to “belive in his first statement“ and is totally ingnoring the fact that he has lost a keywitness!

Another of Randles keywitnesses is the leader of the archeology-expedition that, according to both Randle and Friedman found the crashed UFO before the military arrived.

Archeology group

In Randles scenario the mans name is Dr. William Curry Holden and Randle interviewed him in 1992. At the time Holden was 96 years old. Randles description of the conversation is very vague. He claims that Holden is completely “awake” when Randle wants to have verification of the location of “his crash“, but Holden is very confused and indistict when he tries to describe the craft (we are never told of how his description is). Randle also has a number of other person who claims to have been at the crashsite, but I’m gonna quote Randle himself about why he has rejected Friedmans keywitness Gerald Anderson (more about him soon):
“ – It has been suggested that Roswell investigators should be more cautious after Gearld Anderson episode. That suggestion is correct. We were very cautious before we accepted the testimonies of Ragsdale and Kaufmann. We waited for verification and corroboration, which we found. For those who don’t belive, they should intiate their own search. What they will find is Ragsdale and Kaufmann are telling the truth.”
This is a typical Randle-statement. First he claims to be sitting on the “truth”. Then he doen’t leave any evidence at all about what his “truth” is based on, only that “he knows“. And I must add that this part from his new book (page 41) sounds like a sour kids goodbye to the Roswell-case… And besides, Don schmitt said to Friedman that they never could interview the archeology-professor because he only left an anonomys phone call… In the latest issue of UFO Sightings Randle is at a new supposed UFO-crash. This time over Las Vegas.


Friedmans picture of the second site


 Friedman keywitness is Gerald Anderson, a former policechief at Rockaway Beach and Taney County deputy sheriff, that now works as a security officer in Springfield. Anderson has, according to Friedman, taken a liedetectortest and came out clean (not lying).

Gerald Anderson got in contact with Friedman after have watched him on the TV-show Unsolved Mysteries Januari 24, 1990, where Friedman was talking about the Roswell-case. Anderson says that, during all his childhood up til 1990, no one has belived him when he spoke of his experiance on the plains of San Austine as a 5 year old boy. And as time passed by he realisewd that it was best not to talk about it. But when he saw Friedman talk about “his secret“ on the TV_screen he called Friedman and a meeting was arranged.

Andersons father was about to be emplyed by the Sandia-base, a secret base where they designed atombombs, he was supposed to be an engineer. Andersons family arrived at Albuquerque on the 4th of July 1947, at Geralds uncle, Guy Anderson.
Day after they took their 1940:s Plymouth and drove out on the plains to look after valuable rocks. They parked the car and went by foot along a dried-up river and further out on the plains. Anderson is here quoted from an interview in the Springfield News Leader:

-…but we came around a corner and right there in front of us stuck into the side of this hill, was a silver disc. There were some remarks like ‘There’s a crash up here!’ And then someone saying ‘That’s a goddamn spaceship!’ We all went up there to it. There were three creatures, three bodies, lying on the ground underneath this thing in the shade. Two weren’t moving and the third one obviously was having trouble breathing, like when you have broken ribs. There was a fourth one next to it, sitting there on the ground. There wasn’t a thing wrong with it, and it apparently had been giving first aid to the others.

Anderson then tells that the fourth creature was very afraid, like he thought he was about to be attacked, protecting his face with his arms, while the adults tried to have a conversation with him on English and then Spanish, but no sound came from the creature.
Minutes later, six other persons are arriving, a collegeteacher and his students – the archeology group. They showed up to watch what they thought was a crashed meteor. The teacher, Dr. Buskirk (his name according to Anderson) also tried to communicate with the creature, without success. ***image11***
The sun has climbed to a midday peak by this time and Gerald Anderson hid underneath the crashed craft to get some shade.

-It was 115 degrees out there that day. But around the craft, when you got close to it, it was cold. When you touched the metal, it felt just like it came out of the freezer.

Touched one of the creatures

 Anderson also claims that he touched one of the creatures that was laying on the ground, and that the creature felt cold. Then Anderson ran to the crest of a nearby knoll to take stock and saw a pick-up-truck arrive, the person Friedman thinks is Barney Barnett. Anderson is quoted: ***image12***

-I remember thinking he looked like Harry Truman. In 1947, every kid knew what Harry Truman looked like…

When Anderson returns to the craft the forth alien turns and looks straight at him:

-The upright creature turned and looked right at me at it was like he was inside my head – as if he was doing my thinking, as if his thoughts were in my head.

Anderson says that he felt the creatures fear, loneliness. He relived the crash and its terror. Just one look from the creature showed him all that.

The military arrives

Suddenly the military arrives and the creature goes nuts. Anderson loses eyecontact with the creature as the soldiers roughly showe the civilians away. Anderson remembers screams and threats. Even that his uncle Ted tried to knock one of the soldiers down with his fists. Anderson remebers a red-haired Army captain named Captain Armstrong who was very hostile to Geralds father and said “- If he ever talked about this Gerald would be taken away from him.” The same red-haired captain is claimed by the mortician Glen Dennis that threew him out of the armyhospital as he tried to visit his nurse “X” and to check out what all the funny questions over the phone was about. Anderson also says that he remebers the military personal as “familiar with the proceedings at the sight”.

But Andersons memory of the time and day is a dead end. If Gerald went out on the plains with his father, uncle (Ted), cousin (Victor) and brother (Glenn) on July 5th then it doesn’t match the date that Brazel reported the fort site. It’s 3-4 days too early…

Anderson hypnotized

 Despite that Anderson had a pretty good picture (according to Friedman) of the incident (he was 5 years old in July 1947), Friedman chose to bring him to the hypnotizer by the name of John Carpenter in Springfield (Anderssons hometown today), Missouri. John Carpenter was also known to have worked with s.c. abductions. After a couple “memoryenlargement-sessions“ Anderson drew a map of the crashsite. On the map Friedman noticed a lonely windmill in the distance. Friedman, Anderson, John Carpenter, Robert Bigelow and Friedmans co-writer Don Berliner went to New Mexico in an attempt to locate the exact crashsite by the help of Andersons memory. Along with them they also brought Andersons uncles dairy.  ***image13***The uncle had made several copies so that there always would be a copy left if he died “suddenly”. Which he also did, along with Andersons cousine. They died in a car crash that involved a drunk, according to policepapers. The paper of the diary is, after investigation, from 1947 while the ink is from early 70’s. Apperantly the uncle had put together the dairy long after the event took place and made several copies that he hid…

After being helped on the location by a local rancher they found the site. But there was no windmill in sight. Not until one of the group by mistake sighted behind a group of trees (which were’t there in 1947), and there was the windmill.
Andersons description of the archiology-group correlates the other witnesses. Anderson also describes a bald professor-kinda guy (Dr. LaPaz?). Anderson is the only surviving member of his family. All others have died in accidents and sickness.

Grady, Landon, “Barney” Barnett


 Another of the important persons in Friedmans scenario is second hand.
Grady “Barney“ Barnett died in cancer in 1969.
Barnetts testimony is based on the story he told his wife before he died (before Friedman or Moore had the chance to interview him personally). His story first came to known through his friend Vern Maltais (who contacted Friedman after a UFO-lecture) which claims (and others acquainted with Barnett) that he would never have lied about a thing like that. Though, a minus is that his dairy don’t mention anything about him being at the San Augstine-plains July 8-9 1947.
According to Maltais Barnett worked as a fieldengineer for U.S. Soil Conservations when he found the crashed UFO. He arrived after Andersons family and the archeology-group had found the craft and bodies and Barnett described to Maltais that he could see the group of people “ – standing staring at little people on the ground.“
Friedman also met Barnetts sister-inlaw Alice Knight and Barnetts boss at the time Fleck Danley, which both, according to Friedman, placed the crash at the San Augustin Planes. How they did that is not told…
In 1990 Alice Knight came forward with a diary she claimed was written by Barney Barnett. The diary came from Barnetts wife Ruth. Why it took 11 years before this book surfaced (Moore talked with Alice Knight as early as 1979) is also not described in Crash At Corona…
In the diary Friedman say he has found 40 notes of Barneys travels to the plains in the aera around Albaquerque. He also say there isn’t A SINGLE NOTE of Barnett being north of Roswell to work. ***image14***This is counter-evidence (according to Friedman) that Randles scenario of the crash not happened at the San Augustin-plains is wrong. But Friedman doesn’t present A SINGLE NOTE neither where Barnett claims to have been at the San Augustin Plains at the time of the crash… Instead Friedman picks out a note where Barnett visited the L.B. Moore- ranch, the ranch where the windmill Anderson remembered is located. The note is dated September 17th – more than 2 months after the declered incident – which doesn’t mean a thing in the context as Barnett lived in the area and worked there for years after July 1947… But Barnetts is an important piece in the puzzle that fits due to all the other witnesses (and Anderson). He could might as well be the guy in the pick-up. You can also chose to belive in Randles scenario. Then the guys name is “Cactus Jack” and was a stonecollecting, whitehaired, lonewolf.


 So where does these two “researchers” two different scenarios leave us? As there cannot be two “truths” my first idea that popped to mind was that it was all a planted story that has grown to enormous proportions by people who wanted to belive it so badly they placed themself in the scenario. And now when it has become a commercial livelyhood to a fast growing number of citizens of Roswell, authors and lecturers, magazine editors, the truth will not be allowed to come out if it’s not “the right” truth. There can’t be “two truths” with two different crashsites and with two “camps” of witnesses that claims they – WAS THERE!. ***image15***
Like Frankie Rowe (daughter to the fireman that claims he killed the fire of the burning UFO) who’s crying on TV-documentarys and says she was threaten to death by the military if she ever talked about the incident. Is she real?

Friedman claims Randles witnesses is lying, but what if they don’t? Is it then Friedmans witnesses that is lying? Or IS EVERYBODY LYING? This is not about Friedman or Randle – this is about their witnesses who all claim to be telling the truth… Even if Friedman and Randle seem to have taken on “their witnesses” as their personal figure and throws dirt at eachother continuously (see their childish behaviour again and again in their own papers and the letter part of Saucer Smear…).

Jesse Marcel Sr. has shown that he was willing to “expand” his story about his miltary background. He only saw the “weatherballon”-site. He never saw the second site, bodies or the supposed crashed UFO.

Bessie Brazel now claims she was with her father all the time, from the moment he found the debris – until he left it at the sheriffs office, which contradicts tons of rapports…

Glenn Dennis has left a great number of versions about his involment in the scenario. He never saw the bodies, UFO or either crashsite.

Barney Barnett relatives (wife, sister-inlaw) says he has told them a story that he found a crashed UFO but his dairy says nothing of him being at the scene. Why did it take 11 years before his diary turned up? Should we take a second hand testimony as evidence?

And Friedman haven’t been able to trace the archeology-group or their teacher Mr. Dubrisk.

Randles “group”:

Frank Kaufamnn leaves no what-so-ever-evidence about the truth of his tale and the specialized room with “toilet-mirrors” is at least very funny.

Ragsdale has told a story about “10 burried gold helmets” attached to the incident. Say no more…


Anderson the only “witness”

The only witness Friedman has was 5 years old at the time and went through regressive hypnosis to get a better picture of the incident. Has it occured to anyone that the boy, up til today, must have been told the story many times due to the commotion it cused? It was worldwide news at the time. To Andersons defence I must add the “windmill” on the site that he drew from memory 45 years later. But he could also have been at the site after the event as a kid and spotted the windmill… With all respect to Mr. Friedman and Gerald Anderson – this is not a solid case.

Even (or beacause) it has become a legend, the Roswell-incident is full of contradictions and holes when you scan it. And the reality that the case has turned into a commercial cirkus sweeps away the possibility for the truth to show it face.

One exeample of this new commercial side is at least 2 (maybe 3) museums in Roswell that simulates the UFO-crash.

Roswell goes commercial

 The Roswell UFO Enigma Museum is one of these. It’s owned by John Price who says the museum had over 80,000 visitors last year (!!) Another of these museums can be found on the internet.
When I checked out the museums story of the Roswell-incident I soon found that it was based on Kevin Randles “Swizz-cheese”-story. I send an e-mail to the managing director Jim Chambers where I questioned their integrity. After a week this respons came by e-mail: ***image16***

“Dear Sir: My name is Gene Clark, owner of NMD Computer Works of Roswell, NM. My father was B.A. Clark, deputy sheriff of Chaves County back in 1947, under George Wilcox. My father took the original report from May (wrong spelling, ed.) Marcel on July 6, 1947. I recently participated in an interview with a filming crew, “Borderline”. The interview involved the subject of Roswell, but mainly the focus was on “The Kids” of parents who were involved with the “Roswell Incident of 1947”.
I spoke with Loretta Proctor, Frankie Rowe, Jesse marcel jr., Walter Haut, George “Judd” Roberts, and my brother, Charles Clark.
Sir, these people aren’t a hoax! The book you referred to is as close as I have haerd from the above mentioned people.
Thanks, Gene.”

Now its “The Kids of Roswell”… (maybe a subject for a cartoon like “Flintstones-kids” or “Tom & Jerry-kids”).

Haut at the museum

 Walter Haut was the man that wrote the pressrelease that was to become the startsignal for one of the largest cult ever. In the pressrelease he claimed that the airforce has found a crashed flying saucer. Now he’s the managing director of the biggest of these three museums (UFO Museum & Research Center)… I don’t see why he should be the head of the museum. He never saw ANYTHING of the debris or bodies or crashed saucer. To that, Walter Haut is best buddie with Glenn Dennis, who by the way stated in the e-zine Saucer Smear: “- I wouldn’t belive a word of what Frank Kaufmann says…”. And therefor kills his own position in the Randle-scenario. Or does he? It’s so full of holes it’s easy to slip by… ***image17***

Nope, The Kids of Roswell is doing the truth and mankind wrong when they exploite the incident this way. Where’s the credibility? I wouldn’t be suprised if people like Frankie Rowe is planning a career as a lecturer worldwide…

What would happened?

What would happened if the Roswell-case show up to be – nothing?
The UFO-scene has built an unhealthy concentration around the incident which only is a fragment of the whole phenomena. The chance is that, to an newcomer to the phenomena, if the Roswell-case (or even the Santili-movie) is deleared as a fraud, they will once again declear the whole phenomena as bolony…
Real evidence can’t be found when the boys who has the data is withholding us the true picture of the incident – the american government – and denies it’s existence. My add to the debate is not to be seen as some “clarification” of the situation – it’s just a view of the contradicitions and lies that keeps popping up. ***image18***
I’m putting an end here to this Roswell part of the article. But I’m shure I’ll be back soon as the General Accounting Office (GAO) has announced that a second rapport is to be released about the Roswell-incident. Stay tuned.

Project Mogul

If it wasn’t a part of a flying saucer that crashed at Mac Brazels ranch. What was it then?
US Airforce have said, since July 1947, that it was an ordinary weatherballon that crashed. Up until 1994, when they suddenly changed their mind and now gave the explonation Project Mogul.
Project Mogul was a ballon-device that could be up to 15 meters high and underneath the was all kinds of device who was supposed to record secret Ryssian atombom-tests.

There are many people that belives the cover-up of the Roswell-incident (and indeed there is a cover-up!) was only a disinformation-campaignduring the cold war, to cheat the Russians that USA had sofisticated weapons through alien technology.And that the US government hoaxed a number of crashes at the end of the 40’s and beginning of the 50’s to intimidate the Russian not to even consider an attack on the USA.
And Stalin did put a number of sciencetists to straighten the facts about what was all over the newspapers frontpages. Ironicly he came to the same conclusion as the Condor-bunch:
– This phenomena is not a threat to our countrys security and is therefor not worthy further study…


Nr 4. and nr. 9 lost

USAF says that launch nr.4 and nr.9 was “lost”, never to be found. And that it probably is one of those launches that was found on the Brazel ranch. A contradiction to this is Cavitts statement where he says the debris-area only was 20 square feet. How is it possible that a 40 feet ballon with loads of stuff hanging underneath only would cover 20 feet if it crashes? Besides, there is no evidence to show any of these claims. The GAO-rapport says it’s because they didn’t make a note on failed launches, but in other records of Mogul-launches in June/July 1947, they have noted failed launches…
Stanton Friedmans answer to my question, – have you done any reserach regarding any touch down of launch nr 4. and 9 is:

– The moon could be made out of cheese. I don’t speculate.

Friedman writes in his paper on the Roswell-incidenten from September 26th 1994 regarding the GAO-rapport that: “The key factor seemed to be that Dr. Moore and many others assumed that the description given by sheep rancher Mac Brazel in an article “Harassed Rancher Who Located ‘Saucer’ Sorry He Told About It” On the front page of the July 9, 1947, Roswell Daily Record, truly reflected what he retrieved.”
 With this Friedman wants to say that Dr. C.B. Moore made a wrongly judgement due to the information he was handed was from the “re-programmed” Brazel after he had spend several days in house arrest and interrigation. It should be added that William Moore did an interview with C.B. Moore in the early 80’s.
If it wasn’t Project Mogul that crashed, why was the debris flown to Washington and Wright Pattersson/Ohio? The military should know what it was? And finally, Friedman states that the project wasn’t even classified at the time.
Friedman insists that Mac Brazel was well familiar with the waetherballons. But is Friedman aware of that maybe neither Brazel or Marcel was familiar with Mogul? Marcel who stated that “what he saw looked like it came from another planet” Moguls content is well at hand with the description of the debris found by Brazel Marcel, except on one point – foil with remember-form (if you scrunch it up it regains it pre-form).
Isn’t it a big possibility that Project Mogul was what was found at Brazels ranch? And if so – the second crash didn’t exist… ***image19***
Think about this carefully!
I guess we’ll have to wait for the upcoming GAO-rapport (nr2.) on this one too. There’s also rumoured in USA that Mogul was an “immoral experimentweapon within the biological warfare” Who knows?

Also check UFOlogist Robert Todds latest news regarding the “weatherballon”. This is good stuff!


 Stanton T. Friedmans latest project is to determine the veracity of the microfilm that was left in a plain brown envelope under Los Angeles movie-producer Jamie Shanderas door in december of 1984. The envelope was posted in Albaquerque, New Mexico but with no return adress. Inside was a roll 35mm of processed film. The negatives was of a part of a page document clearly classified TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY, copy one of one.The title was: “Briefing document: Operation Majestic 12 Prepared for President-Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower (Eyes only) 18 November 1952.”***image20***

Shandera was also know as working closely with UFOlogist William Moore (who also worked with Friedman up til early 80’s when Friedman moved to Canada). In 1987 the English UFOlogist Timothy Good was also confronted with a copy of the document in ways that aren’t cleared yet.

The thing that discredit MJ-12 is that the document seem to have “a picture” of the UFO-situation, and the Roswell-scenario, as it was in 1984 (when the document surfaced). After 1984 much have happened, and these things don’t fit into the MJ-12 document. This has made most UFOlogists to declair the document a well produced hoax.

But not Friedman.
On the contrary, he claims the documents to be part genuine and part diversion.
Majestic-12 was, according to the document, prepared by MJ-1 Adm. Roscoe. H. Hillenkoetter, who is listed as the briefing officer (not necessarily the author). As you may have spotted allready, the MJ-12 consisted of 12 persons:
1. Admiral Roscoe. H. Hillenkoetter
2. Dr Vannevar Bush
3. Secretary James Forrestal
4. General Nathan F. Twining
5. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg
6. Dr Detlev Bronk
7. Dr Jerome Hunsaker 8. Mr Sidney W. Sousers
9. Mr Gordon Gray
10. Dr Donald Menzel
11. General Robert M. Montague
12. Dr Lloyd V. Berkner

James V. Forrestal was (in UFOlogy communion) assumed to be murdered on May 22 1949, at the hospital where he was staying because of overstrain (he was said to be sitting and writing his biography…). His seat wasn’t filled until 1950 when General Walter B. Smith stepped in.
Dr. Detlev Bronk, has been rumoured as to be the post-mortemer in the Santili-film, but there is absolutely nothing to verificate that assumption.

The content of the Majestic-document is a clearification of the procedure and to maintain the secrecy from the public. It starts with Kenneth Arnolds famous sighting over the Cascade-mountains of Washington on June 24 1947, and continues with the Roswell-crash and how they “took care of” the craft/bodies and civilians on the scene. Then it lists another crash in 1950 on the border of Texas and Mexico, and the behaviour during that.***image21***
Shandera and Moore published a short version in 1987, where they had blacked out some information(!!!) in the document, like some NSA-behaviour… We can only speculate why they did that. But it’s pretty obvious that they thought the documents would look more “genuine” if they were censured by NSA/CIA (and easier to sell their book!). Soon after (1988) Timothy Good released the whole “unmarked” document in his book Above Top Secret, and the UFO-communion around the world declaired it as a hoax.

 Stanton T. Friedmans research of verification gave fruit in 1985.
After an anonymous tip by postcard where he was told to search some national files and in a peticular box he was supposed to find a valuable memo. Friedman has left two different numbers on that peticular box. In his paper named Operation majestic YES! (August 1994) he says the box-number was 189, and in his new article about the MJ-12 in the spring issue of UFO Sightings the number is “In about box 126th”. This maybe is petty…

Anyway, Shandera and Moore found, on Friedmans directive, a document that was wrongly put and was dated July 14, 1954. The memo was written by Robert Cutler, who was Eisenhowers personal secretary. The content was about moving a briefing regarding MJ-12. The memo wasn’t signed by hand and Friedman says his reserach has shown that Cutler was out of the country on that exact date, so therefor the memo is not signed.Friedman thinks it’s highly possible that the memo was placed by a security personal who wished it to be found, and therefor send him the postcard.
In the document Friedman says there’s several aspects that, according to him, shows that the memo is genuine and that means that the MJ-12, 8-page document, also is genuine. Or at least parts of it. These conclusions is drawn from identical ways of phrases in both the MJ-12 memo and other official memos that Cutler has signed.
I ask Friedman what position within the government hallways would a man need to have to be able to release the MJ-12 document:

– One expects somebody directly connected with the old Majestic 12 group and any connected intelligence agencies. The annual black budget in the US is about $30 billion. That is a lot of people.

The “Black budget” is exactly what it says – A huge pile of money that is handed by CIA and NSA (and probably several other “non-existing on paper” agencies) and that is not controlled, or shown to the congress and the American people. Nobody outside the agencies knows where the money is spend, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s partly spend on secret bases like Area-51…

Who “missplaced” the memo from Robert Cutler then?

– The national archive informed me as to when (late September 1984) Box 189 was handled..about two weeks after the death of the last surviving original MJ-12 Member (Hunsaker) and later (summer of 1985) 2 weeks before Moore and Shandera went to the archives. A group of reservists were doing the classification review for many months and were allowed to bring in brief cases. Researchers cannot. The archives would not tell me their names.

New MJ-12 documents!

 In his – soon to be released – book TOP SECRET/MAJESTIC Friedman will publish new, never before shown, documents about the MJ-12.
He’s using the same publisher and co-writer, Don Berliner, as he did with Crash At Corona. The book is due in May. And Friedman tells us that he expects it to “shake some desk-researchers that up til now has said that the MJ-12 was a hoax.”

In Friedmans 38-page paper from 1994 (Operation Majestic 12? Yes!!), he shows us several pionts that is backing his theorys about that the MJ-12 documents are genuine. Among them are Dr. Donald Menzels background and travels that fits perfectly in the timeperspective that is given by the MJ-12 documents. Meetings between key-persons is ***image22***backed by official memos and archivenotes, side by side with information from the MJ-12. As I mentioned earlier, the missing signature on the Cutler-memo Shandera and Moore found in RG Box 189 was due to the fact that Cutler was out of the country at the moment. Font was of early 50’s style. The paper that the memo was written on is a so called Dictation Onionskin that was only used between 1953 and the mid 70’s. Ofcourse, someone could have kept blank papers of the peticular kind and made a hoax…
And the group of people MJ-12 is based on is very much the kind of group that it is presumed to look like in reality .


Counter evidence?

In Friedmans newest article (spring issue of UFO Sightings), he brings a whole load of remarks that points in his direction. But one of the things that speak against the documents are the Executive Order-number. The number can be found on the list of attachments (not included in the document Shandera got – under his door in 1984 – HEY! A rhyme!) and the number is – #092447.
The journalist Armen Victorian on the Quest International newspaper got in contact with the White House and their executive committee, and spoke to their director Ronald Geisler. Geisler has been on the post since 1964, and before him there’s only been 5 other persons on the post (from the start of the department in 1857).
Geisler says that a six-figure number on a executive order is impossible. Today the number is at 12814. Number 1 was back at Abraham Lincons days. So therefor, a number trhat begins on the 92000-scale is impossible. Maybe it will catch up around year 2100… Besides, Greisler says that the committee has only made 2 secret memorandums and they were 4-digitals and with the letter “A”.
Armen Victorian goes on by speculating that it’s probably William “Bill” Moores old “bird-buddies” Falcon or a.m., that has hoaxed the documents. Moore is accused of being a CIA agent himself under the cover of Mockingbird.

But the chiefarchivist at Harry S. Truman Library, Raymond H. Geselbrecht, says in a letter to Friedman that, on one hand – he doesn’t know of any secret documents from the Truman days, and on the other hand – the security agencies often used a number-scale of their own that he isn’t familiar with.
And if the papers aare genuine, it’s highly probable that the executive order-number don’t follow the official standards by the White House. If they did that they end up at the national archives according to American constitution. Could the number #092447 be one of NSA/CIA:s own scales?

Not alone

What does all this tells us then?
Well, first of all – if Stanton T. Friedman could walk into the archives and make his research – a hoaxer could do the same thing to place and get material to make a false document and memos. And with a little knowledge of UFO-history, have put together the MJ-12. And another possibilty is that – just because the word MJ-12 shows up on a official memo, that doesn’t mean that a group called MJ-12 was involved in recovering UFO’s and alien bodies. It’s most likely but not the only possibilty!

If the MJ-12 documents are a hoax – it’s a good one. But so are also the Santili-film – if it’s a hoax. I guess we’ll have to wait until Stanton T. Friedmans new book comes out so we can see the “new evidence” for ourself.
And remember that – lack of proof is not proof of lack of proof !!!

Jorgen Westman

Info credited to WUFOC, the free UFO-alternative on the Internet, http://www.wufoc.com