Round Metal UFO Reported

Anonymous writes “Savannah, Ga (Tuesday—-5:40 pm) July 15th
I was driving on Hwy. 204 northbound, the sky was completely clear. I was at a stop light and noticed a very large hovering object in the sky. The object was extremely large. It was round with a ring of windows in the center (kind of like Saturn). It appeared to be titanium or some sort of “brushed metal”. The top half was unremarkable; however, the bottom half was gill-like like a mushroom. There was an opening in the bottom, or some sort of hole. There was smoke coming out of it from the other side, which was not visible from my angle. One car ran of the road, and I saw several spectators. I am not good at guessing the size of something distant. But I know that it was very large, because I could make out much detail. I know someone else had to see this so please respond if you did.

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