Russian Politician: I Was Taken Aboard Alien Craft

There’s no end to the number of UFO stories coming from all over the world from all walks of life, including politicians.  And Kirsan Ilyumzhinov regional president in Russia is no exception.  He has made the claim that he has been in contact with an alien race wearing yellow spacesuits.  Ilyumzhinov made an appearance recently on a primetime television show on April 26.  The incredible story is only the latest in a recent surge of politicians claiming to be in contact with alien beings.  Real or not, why does it seem more and more are coming forward now?

Ilyumzhinov claims that as he was about to take a nap at the station, he was called onto a balcony by an unseen voice.  When he came out onto the balcony, he found a half-transparent ship in a crescent tube shape hovering there.

He was taken aboard, and met several humanoids that communicated with him through a form of ‘thought transference’ and gave him a tour of the ship.  The aliens told him they had come to Earth in order to collect samples.

For those wishing to discount this story on the point of Ilyumzhinov’s credibility, they should bear in mind that this is not a simple man, but one who rose to the ranks of a multimillionaire after the collapse of the USSR and successfully ran for president in several regions.  He also is a brilliant chess player, winning the Kilmykian international chess championship in 1976 at the age of 14.  He is also president of the World Chess Federation.  With his vast wealth and political success, it seems he has little or nothing to gain from making up a story so seemingly fantastic, and much to lose.  Three witnesses also corroborated his story including his driver, his minister, and his personal assistant.

And it is for this reason that, despite much criticism in western media outlets, Kirsan is being taken very seriously by the Russian government.  Those familiar with the film “The Manchurian Candidate,” or experiments run by the USSR during The Cold War can understand how this Russian brand of paranoia may in this case be right in theory.  Therefore, Andrei Lebedev is questioning whether the governor spent the several hours aboard the alien vessel simply being shown how it works, or if there was something else that happened to him while on board.  It’s clear that given his high security clearance and potential military influence, the president could become a major security concern for Russia and The West if he ever became under the influence of a malevolent third party.

Lebedev has called for a protocol to be put forth, should world leaders ever be brought aboard alien spacecraft or kidnapped.  Regardless of the paranormal implications, with the amount of conditioning available to many terrorist cells, it’s likely an important thing to look into just to be prepared.  Imagine if the speaker of the house Harry Jenkins Jr. were to come in to work to detail an encounter where he was brought aboard an alien vessel.  Would there be any reasonable response in the event he had evidence to support his claim?