Russian Sources: Alien Mass Grave Uncovered

A rumor floating around can be traced to a Russian News Source which suggests a mass grave of extraterrestrials was discovered just recently in Africa.  While the news story doesn’t deal in specifics, possibly for confidentiality reasons, it has gone so far as to suggest the discovery included shapes which were found on the wall that may be indicators of a long lost extraterrestrial civilization.  There have been rumors of people finding alien mass graves for years, but this one has some eerie new details that suggest something new might be developing.

While it may sound fantastic, the discovery of an alien mass grave would be the single greatest cause of massive change in our world of all time.  If we were to discover that once creatures from beyond the stars had roamed the Earth it would tell us more about ourselves and the universe around us than any single moment in history.  Just as mankind discovered the Earth was not the center of the universe, we would enter a world where humans were no longer believed to be the center of life in our universe.  We would learn once again that we are only parts of a great vast cosmos more complex than anything we could imagine.

The discovery comes from Pravda.ru and has not as of yet been confirmed by very many independent sources.  As this confirmation has not come, it’s difficult to consider the various possibilities regarding the strange macabre artifacts unearthed.  If the skeletons truly were inhuman, it would seem it would be immediately recognizable.  But if the beings were instead simply mutated humans, there would have been several variations likely between them.  The final word will have to be said when the beings have their DNA analyzed and their ancestry is analyzed.  And even then, this may not stand up to the rigors of science.  In the past there have been several alien looking beings, including the now infamous Starchild Skull that have stood up to DNA testing which discovered that the beings were not human and in fact shared no common ancestry with any known terrestrial being.  And yet somehow even this DNA proof is still not enough to sway skeptics.

As for the cave of alien giants, the names of the Russian scientists and the exact location of their discovery are still a closely guarded secret.  Whether this is a secret being held by the authorities or by the fabricators of a modern fairy tale will have to be seen.  Of course if it is covered up, we may never know the truth.

Such is the ongoing frustration of the paranormal investigator.  Even the truth has a way of disappearing when it appears important or world changing enough.  But as we have all known for years, diehard investigation and truth seeking is one of the paranormal community’s greatest assets.  And in the mean time, we can only wonder whether this story from Russia will stand up to its scrutiny.