Sammy Hagar and the Alien Download – Other Artists Affected

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Sammy Hagar, the legendary rock star that performed the iconic 80’s ballad “I Can’t Drive 55” and “Danger Zone” has come forward as an alien abductee.  Following the life of the former Van Halen member it’s clear the musician has led a life that would be described by most as out of this world, and met some incredibly interesting people.  But the most interesting people he ever met may have actually occurred long before his musical career got off the ground.  Hagar believes he encountered aliens as a child.  And that’s not all in this incredible revelation.

The prescient aliens picked up the rock legend when he was only four years old, according to Hagar according to a recent interview with MTVhive.com.  But the story is even more incredible when you take into consideration just how many peculiar dreams the musician had involving extraterrestrials.  As he reached the age of 4, Hagar said he had several dreams that seemingly involved extraterrestrials.  It was only later in his life that he realized that not all of the objects might have been actual aliens.

And furthermore, Sammy Hagar announced that he had encountered some strange events afterward that seemingly seem to strangely parallel some of the other occurrences that famous artists later report as spiritual experiences.  Both Philip K. Dick and other famous artists later reported contact with an unusual entity that was either deep within themselves yet alien or that seemingly came from an external force.  The witnesses would eventually come to the conclusion that the thoughts they were encountering were not always their own.  And Sammy Hagar reported a chillingly similar experience.

Assuring curious interviewers it was real, he drew the comparison from his experiences to an information download similar to a computer transmitting or receiving information wirelessly.  When asked whether the entities were uploading or downloading, Hagar could not say, suggesting it felt “like an experiment.”  In fact, the strange thing about this is it’s once again a parallel to several of the encounters so commonly reported by witnesses to a sudden and unexplained databurst into their minds.  And when we consider that the human mind is an organic machine to a certain extent, the idea of transmitting and receiving information across a vast distance becomes no more science fiction than radio was just prior to Marconi’s invention.

And of course Hagar makes the announcement in his memoirs years after his rise to fame and a long and wildly successful musical career.  We can only wonder what other celebrities have fascinating UFO stories of their own.  Of course the first thing we have to contend with after hearing this is that Sammy Hagar is a celebrity, and this diverges from the typical UFO narrative.  In a peculiar twist to modern UFOlogy, any time something diverges from the UFO narrative as we understand it, or any other level of the paranormal, the story becomes more sensational and therefore less believable to some.  But with more celebrities stepping forward over the years, the idea that you can be too famous to have ever seen a UFO is quickly deteriorating.