Scientist Suspects Alien Life Form in Ice Block

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A man claiming he has discovered an alien life form will be bringing the block of ice the creatures were discovered in along with an analysis made by commercial laboratories suggesting the molecular structures contained within the object are very unique.  Duane P. Snyder suggests that the ice blocks are unique because they house the first absolute proof of life on other planets.  The discovery, if it proves genuine, could be the single greatest discovery by a human throughout history.

The story is at once incredible and strange – as one would expect the discovery of an alien life form to be.  Duane had been searching for meteorites throughout his life.  And so when he discovered a shattered chunk of ice on the side of the road one morning, he exited his vehicle and took a look at it noting that there hadn’t been any snow fall for quite some time.  He had been praying for an ice meteor for a long time, knowing such an object would be an incredible find.  But what he found embedded in the ice amazed even him.  Inside were what looked like several organisms of unknown origin.  Soon after Snyder salvaged as much as he could of the ice block and took it home.  When he got home he couldn’t believe the strange wealth of life that had apparently been frozen in this strange apparent meteorite.  Labeling the organisms, he noted a strange snake like creature, a mysterious four legged creature, and an unknown red blob.

Duane has been seeking scientists for years who can analyze the objects.  The initial analysis he drafted to be carried out by biologists showed that whatever was in the ice was definitely “interesting” and had a structure unlike anything known to scientists today.  But will this find turn out to be the extraordinary evidence required to prove claims that extraterrestrials exist out in the universe?  And if so, what would a discovery of this magnitude suggest about how present such an organism was?

While we may find it difficult to believe that such an incredible discovery could be made by a simple inventor out scanning for meteorites, consider the following: in 1996 scientists discovered ALH 84001, a meteorite allegedly from Mars that contained incredible evidence of fossilized bacteria on the red planet.  The asteroid remains today as quite possibly the strongest evidence of life on Mars.  Initial skepticism was eventually outweighed by additional findings regarding the nature of biological structures including additional “creatures” discovered in meteorites found in the arctic circle apparently from Mars.  And if a team of scientists stumbled across such an incredible find, why not an amateur meteorite enthusiast as well?

But while making great discoveries doesn’t necessarily require scientific funding, the analysis most certainly will.  Snyder has been taking his discovery around to scientists hoping to find an interested party to do a far more expensive analysis on the ice and possibly confirm once and for all that we are not alone in the universe.