Second Alien Body Discovered

A second video of an alien corpse being discovered under bizarrely similar circumstances to the most recent video has found its way onto the Internet this week along with a fairly simple narrative that may have some questioning whether we may be at the start of something truly profound.  Though the incident doesn’t appear to have any evidence aside from the video, the fact that these videos keep appearing does raise several questions.  Why are these apparent aliens being videotaped and why are they appearing only now?

The video once again shows two people, with the supporting description suggesting the video was taken in Canada this time.  The being is laying on the ground with what appears to be its right leg missing and a dark grey complexion.  If that sounds familiar, it may be because another video almost exactly fitting that description just came from two Russian witnesses.  In both cases the entity was small, grey (or had grey sections of skin) and had its right leg missing being discovered by two witnesses and a dog in a cold climate.  But the kill in this case appears to be far more fresh as suggested by blood discovered coming from the joint that would normally attach the leg to its hip.

The footage comes from two witnesses who claim the incident could have been related to nearby scattered unidentified wreckage and a larger object which appeared “embedded” into the nearby hillside.  The interesting thing about this footage is the narrative accompanying it suggests a very different end.  Though there is no audio in the footage, the description on the youtube video states that the couple sending it to the UFO Disclosure Group removed the audio because there was nothing but a crackling sound in the original audio.  At the end of the clip the camera jerks up violently as the couple is startled by the presence of unidentified people who appeared to be of military origin.  The couple then ran to avoid being arrested and possibly losing their film.

The creature in this film appears vaguely different, although still possibly of the same or similar origins to the other.  The fact that the model is completely different may suggest (though not necessarily prove) that whoever made it – if it was a hoax – was not related to the individual making the other or had substantial resources.  At one point one of the hikers nudges the creature’s head with a shoe and it moves normally, suggesting an articulate joint in its head that can mimic the movements of a normal head.  It also suggests that the creature had not frozen or succumbed to rigor mortis.  In fact the fresh blood around the area around its wound also suggests it could have been killed recently.  So why are these creatures appearing now?  And what involvement might these unidentified military people have?

Link to the video.