Second Close Encounter of the Third Kind in Texas

Earlier this week many were shocked to hear the story of the craft that dropped down onto one family’s property while they were hosting a birthday party.  What had started out to be an ordinary social occasion was suddenly interrupted by a close encounter of the third kind.  A story as incredible as this is thought to happen only once in a great while, but a second report has been made of an alien encounter not only with the same two week period, but within the same state!

The witnesses, all of whom shall remain anonymous, are likely unaware of one another’s encounter since neither professed an interest in the paranormal or a likelihood to visit paranormal sites (up until the point of seeing aliens emerge from craft on or nearby their own properties).  Nonetheless, if either witness follows up on nearby encounters they will no doubt be struck by the absolutely mind numbing statistical unlikelihood of these encounters happening in such proximity to the other.  This second encounter seemed not only to be of a different nature, but also involve a race of aliens that was quite different as well.  The difference in technology was another aspect of this story that seems to lend it credibility and even make the viewer wonder if perhaps the two encounters were in some way linked.

It all started when the witness decided to take their dog outside for a quick walk when they suddenly saw a disc-shaped object (different from the roughly oval shaped craft seen by witnesses at the other sighting) suddenly descend with lightning fast celerity and stop on a dime as it approached the ground.  As the craft descended, the witness’ dog also took notice and stopped to stare as well.  Soon, from beneath the craft a ramp extended out onto the ground and the shocked witness and their dog watched three mysterious creatures descend down the ramp.  Though they do not describe the appearance of the creatures in the report, they do mention that something about them was quite different from what a typical “grey” is supposed to look like.  Something kept the witness from going into greater detail on the appearance of the creatures.

As soon as the entities appeared, the witness’ dog went crazy, leaping toward them and barking madly as the witness tried to keep the animal under control.  Eventually dragging the dog back into the house, the witness scrambled for a camera and returned back outside.  By the time the witness returned outside, the object along with the creatures accompanying it had somehow vanished.  The report indicates that it may have been likely the craft had taken back off, but a chilling thought remains: what if the creatures had simply made themselves invisible as they continued their work on the ground?  Furthermore, what business could they possibly have in the middle of an uninhabited field in Texas?  Why pick a location that is only semi-remote?

And what are we to think of the creatures themselves?  Perhaps the reason no explicit description was included in the report is because the creatures were highly complex and therefore difficult to process and describe.  Entities whose physiology doesn’t seem to make any logical sense would be difficult for us to interpret into a system of symbols (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) that we could understand and later transcribe.  Could it be these creatures were so chaotic in form that they rebelled against the witness’ very understanding of physical form?  And what if these two sightings were linked?  If they were different races of aliens, perhaps they were working in conjunction to find something either lost or previously undiscovered but desperately needed by the visitors in Texas.