Second Possible UFO Crash in Texas

A witness in Texas has reported seeing a mysterious object burst into flames and fall from the sky nearby with a size comparable to a jet airliner.  The craft’s sudden appearance and subsequent destruction are not entirely unheard of as of late as several craft have reportedly been falling to the ground in recent weeks.  Is this another UFO crash?  And why are these craft suddenly dropping like flies?  Rumors of a military intervention or the early stages of a conflict are already in the mix.

The witness submitting his report to MUFON suggested that the object fell quite suddenly from the clouds between San Antonio and La Vernia.  Those familiar with the area will recall that San Antonio is next to Lackland Air Force Base which is a primary training camp for Airmen entering the Air Force.  The sighting occurred in the late afternoon and left the witness stunned and 911 operators scrambling to route police to the event sight to investigate.

Recent UFO sightings have suggested that there may be something more going on between military units and these unidentified craft with once nonviolent UFO reports suddenly turning to sightings of armed aircraft and personnel intercepting and even engaging in combat with craft that seem to fit most descriptions of flying saucers.  Could these unusual incidents be telltale signs of something more drastic going on?  Could full disclosure of alien craft be accompanied by a draft?  Reports such as these only fuel the rumors that something entirely new and important is going on in the UFO world.

The incredible incident was then reported to 911 and dispatchers sent out police to investigate the area.  There’s no information available on what they found, if anything, but the same witness reported seeing helicopters heading toward the area he saw the object go down along with police cars speeding off.

In February of 2009 a similar incident took place, but turned out merely to be a STRATCOM satellite according to news reports.  But the object reported would have most certainly been reported by police as well and yet no such report has arisen.  Is it possible there’s an unusual and clandestine operation going on to cover up this report?  Or was the witness simply mistaken in making his report?  After all, there were no other reports of UFO sightings in the vicinity that night.

But the report was made on a stretch of highway where few cars would have been passing.  And though it was burning while very high up, it did extinguish its flames before reaching the ground in the distance.  The witness could not see the exact location that the object landed in as it was behind the tree line in the distance.  When he stopped his car to witness the object another car pulled up behind him, causing him to believe someone else had witnessed the object falling and may have also called in to 911.