Second Witness Photographs Low Flying Boise Craft

You may remember the story of a mysterious object reported in Boise Idaho’s Ann Morrison Park to the Mutual UFO Network which we covered on October thirteenth of this year.  As it turns out a second witness has now come forward with his own sighting independent of the first along with the claim that photographs he took were even more compelling than the previous witness’.

We are still waiting for this evidence to be released to the public, but will take the opportunity to share his story in the mean time.

The original witness whose story we brought forth on the thirteenth had a man, his son, and a friend of theirs all observing a mysterious probe-like craft in the sky as it hovered above the green in Ann Morrison Park in Boise Idaho.  The witnesses at first caught sight of the anomaly in the sky they assumed at first it was nothing more than a conventional hot air balloon.  However, as they approached alongside other witnesses, the object seemed to shape-shift and even react to their presence as they drew nearer, turning to face them (or at least turning in a way that made the witnesses believe it was facing them.)  Though they caught images of the object on their camera phones, these left much to be desired even if the story alongside it was compelling.

But now a second witness claiming to be connected to the event has sent in an additional report covering the incident from his own perspective as of last night.  The witness reports that as he was walking through the park he suddenly caught sight of something in the distance and took photographs of it.  At first he thought the object was nothing more than a kite, but soon realized that the object hung suspended in the sky without moving.  It was completely and utterly still.  Upon inspecting the photographs he found them to be intriguing and kept them.  Later, the mysterious incident with the strange craft would spur him to search MUFON for similar occurrences.  He would eventually find the incident first reported to the organization and discover that it coincided perfectly with his own.  Though the witness suggests that his own photographs are a bit more detailed as they were taken with a professional camera, we’re eagerly awaiting the chance to see them.

But as with many UFO sightings, no matter how compelling the photographic evidence we were left wanting more before a conclusive decision could be made.  One of the unique elements to this story was the fact that a third party was able to see the same object in the sky and possibly corroborate it by providing different photographs of the object from various angles.  Photographic evidence from multiple angles in a case where at least one party involved had such a dramatic encounter is exceedingly rare, making this UFO story among the most interesting to come out this month.  We will have more information on this story as it becomes available.