Secret Agreements Between Greys And The Government

Unfortunately the United States government is getting in on my entries with threat-matic mail and bricks thrown at my house. Alright lets get down to business. Forty years ago (1964 to be exact) Somewhere near the Kansas farmland their was a family resonable size five kids, two girls ages 15 and 13, three boys ages 18 and 10 and 4, a grandparent, two parents you know that sort of thing. It was November 27, 1964 when they reported a sighting of a flying “cigar shaped object” (This probably was never released to the public so don’t try to find it sorry!) the next day came and then the object actually came in and abducted the farm animals and stole their crops. The next day starving and disorientated they happened to see the flying cigar again this time it was right over their heads. They were never seen again until 1987 in Utah, thats where they reported what had happened. They said that the twenty-three years of being in the extra-terrestrials hands they happened to learn a lot about them. They were the Greys, they’ve been here since the ancient Egyptians, in fact they said that they helped make the blueprints of conducting such an advance structure of their time. I know this because I was working on the case at that time. The Greys seem to do genetic engineering on human beings, making it so that the Greys have both human and Grey genetic material. They said the Greys did a lot of experiments on the kids. It looked like they took the reproductive specimens and put it into tubes where they put their own genetic material to make a Human-Grey. The family said they did this every two months for the next twenty years. Every time they took the samples out they make about 15 Human-Greys so thats an estimated 600 Human-Greys produced in that family alone. This mass production of beings has caused great concern in the United States government. We’ve made a deal with the Greys for technology what they wanted in return was 50,000 human specimens for the next 50 years. Do the math hopefully I can contact you next time. Black Eagle