Security Guard Reports Ghostly UFO

As the night turns to early morning and the silent hours melt into one another it’s easy to get bogged down in the tedium of guarding a location.  But as one security guard in Sunrise Florida reports, occasionally something happens that turns a night that would have been otherwise fairly mundane into something truly extraordinary.  Such is the case with this report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network regarding an event that would turn an ordinary shift guarding a residential complex into a shocking and sensational evening.

The event reported occurred on August 12th in 1993 as the witness was patrolling around the complex in his car.  He had a busy day ahead of him after that night as he was expected to go on his first paranormal investigation.  A local group had made arrangements to look into the hauntings of the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.  Whether the event that transpired was related to the UFO phenomenon or something of a more supernatural origin is still up for debate.

But as he pulled his patrol car around the bend, the witness suddenly stopped as he couldn’t help but notice a mysterious luminescent object hovering in the distance.  The object was roughly spherical in shape and hovering at an altitude of approximately 100 feet as it gradually made its way across the sky moving Southbound from a Northerly direction.  As he watched, he couldn’t help but slowly and cautiously open his door and step out in an attempt to get a closer look.  Guided by curiosity he stepped out of his car.  At this moment, suddenly he received a distinct mental impression that whatever this object was it had “noticed” him watching it.

As soon as the object became what the witness describes as “aware” that he was watching it, it shot off in a straight line south.  Shocked, the witness found himself standing in the parking lot alone with the howling of crickets around him wondering what the nature of the object he had just seen was.  By all accounts it was certainly an unidentified airborne object or at least the image of one.  But it seems almost too perfectly coincidental that the witness saw what appeared to be a perfect ghostly orb just before stepping into a haunted hotel to seek out the spirits of the dead left behind.  It almost seems feasible that whatever he saw could have been related to the haunted hotel and made an appearance to either encourage him to show up or ward him off.  As the witness didn’t include anything of his investigation to the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables in his UFO report, it seems we can tentatively rule out that anything truly incredible happened during the course of the subsequent investigation.  This seems to suggest that nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened the following day.  But in 1993 ghost hunting was far from being as popular as it is today.  Perhaps somehow the hotel’s inhabitants caught wind that the witness would be arriving shortly and decided to show up early for a spectral early start.