Serpentine Creature Filmed Over London

To say it’s odd to see a UFO in London is certainly far from the truth.  But to see such a strange unidentified flying object swirling in the sky and undulating almost like a flying snake is certainly very strange.  The footage, which was taken at the end of March shows a strange object seen just behind Big Ben and as it rotates in the sky it certainly has a strange almost serpentine look to it.  Is it possible the craft was making an appearance just as eyes turn to England before the royal wedding?  Or is there another explanation?

The object itself appears white on the blue background of a full London sky, and in the background you can hear the calm voice of curious onlookers as the object not only moves across the sky, but actually seems to unroll into a long almost cylindrical shape.  Shortly after that it rotates and continues moving along.  At the end of the video the camera pans back down to the crowd as a double decker bus passes in the background and you can clearly see a crowd of people moving along, not even noticing the strange object in the distance.

The footage, according to the commentary uploaded alongside the video, was taken on March 19th of this year while one family was visiting popular tourist attractions around London.  The family used a Sony DV digital Handycam to capture the images at 120x digital zoom.  Those who have used this much zoom will realize how steady the footage was, suggesting either an experienced cameraman or some sort of brace to hold it in place.  The object was originally spotted by the family’s daughter who pointed up into the sky and what they thought at first to be a parachute or a cloud soon turned out to be something completely different and entirely unidentified.

So what was it?  Unidentified lighter than air debris?  Unknown extraterrestrial spacecraft?  Or could it have been something else floating through the air and observing from far above?  Though it isn’t clear, the eyewitnesses also suggest they saw a strange point of light hovering near the object on the day in question as it hovered in the sky for close to half an hour in one place.  Though it might be tempting to call this wisp of light in the sky a cloud, it certainly doesn’t look like one.  And with the high winds it would be very difficult for any lighter than air vehicle with no anchor or means of propulsion to move so intelligently.

Whatever it is, this is an elusive enigma from March that is only picking up steam now as the Royal Wedding approaches.  So as the world tunes in to what may be the most highly publicized wedding of the century, it seems possible there will be other observers taking aerial shots of the procession.  And they may not be human.