Seti Detects Possible Alien Signal From Light Years Away

It’s been announced that SETI had traced a signal that may stem from a living civilization outisde our solar system..  Actually, it is estimated the signal comes from 100 Light Years Away.  WOW, what a distance.

SETI constantly scans thge heavens and decodes frequency transmissions from all bands and directions.  Once the info is attained, SETI disperses the info to users computers to decode and investigate.  The main purpose is to detect ALien Presence through Radio Transmissions..

Recently a few articles were published of a new anomalous signal that was detected.  The signal is currently labeled “SHGb02+14a”.

This is not the first time SETI detected such a signal.  The signal’s signature matches some other detections in the past.  But as of now, we cannot properly detect and uncode the signal to get an accurate message, or even prove where it came from.  But one thing is for certain, the signal detected showed enough varience from natural signals, that it is raising many eyebrows from serious investigators.