Several Sightings Reported to MUFON Today

Sightings of UFOs are getting more common. On Wednesday, September 23, 2009 there were a handful of sightings reported to MUFON .

Here are a couple of unedited accounts reported to MUFON.

IL, September 20, 2009 – round object very bright flashing red, green, blue and white. MUFON Case # 19606.

I went to lock the patio gate to my apartment around 3.45am when I noticed a very large and very bright object out my patio window. The object was round but not perfectly round and first glanced look like it was a bright twinkling star. I looked closer outside at the object and could observe it flashing different colors “red blue green white”. The object looked like it was no more then 10,000 feet up, and about the size of a grape as if held out with arms extended. I woke my wife up out of bed and we both watched the object for good five minutes. She was freaked out and went back to bed wanting no part of what I was watching, but I stayed up and kept observing this thing. I would say a good 20 minutes passed without any movement from the object, however it continued to strobe colors. To my amazement the object vanished and was gone. No movement whatsoever and there was not a cloud in the sky. I want to reiterate the object did not fade out, it vanished! I had a remarkable ufo sighting when I was 12, and the sighting I had on this night gave me the same feelings of excitement and fear combined.

PA, September 22, 2009 – Saw very bright light over Shamokin Pa, was reported in news paper. MUFON Case # 19604.

Strange light spotted over Shamokin and witnessed by me and my mother I have been seeing these star light objects over my house now for quite some time and 2 nights ago I seen a very brilliant light setting in one spot over Mountain I yelled for my mom and she had seen the same deal I went in to get my binoculars and looked through them at the object it was just all so strange right before that I seen a star light object hovering above my house 20 minutes before it left off a very bright flash and then faded away then as I noticed the one over the mountain it stood in one spot for like 6 minutes and then I watched it move towards us from the other end of town my mom said it was a plain well I decided to watch this bright light as it was moving and when it got closer I could not make it out to be what she said is a plain there was 2 red flashing lights one in the front and one in the back but different then any plain light I ever saw and 2 odd ball light’s very different in color and it looked more like a craft of some type no nose and the way it moved was very strange after seeing it 2 day’s later someone in the sound off section of the news paper had asked if any one see the strange light over the mountain and that dozes on that side of town had seen it that if anyone seen the same deal as they did see it and what was wrote that the object through off a strong spot light and stayed in one spot I will re-post the the clip thank you,,

TX, July 8, 2009 – large one and small one large one shot across the sky small one shot upward. MUFON Case # 19603.

Our paranormal group was on a bridge doing a paranormal investigation to test our ghost hunting equipment. While filling out our paperwork and had looked up to see weather or not there were any clouds to make note of the weather conditions. One of the spectators that was there watching had said that she had gotten a strange picture with lights behind another spectator. We were trying to determine if maybe it were lightening bugs so, we stood him against the wall of the bridge in the same location to see where the light could have come from. We had looked up to see if we could see lightening bugs and we noticed that there was a large spherical light and a small star behind it. We thought that it was a plane at first but were wondering what sort of plane would be that large and we couldn’t see it’s flashing lights on it’s wings. It was moving slowly from south to north. It was then that the smaller light, that we thought at first was a star, dropped down, made a “U” and shot straight up rapidly and disappeared. The larger object quickly shot accross the sky(from south to north) and slowed dramatically. It remained in that location in the sky for about 15 – 20 minutes. It then made a “U” and shot straight up and disappeared. I looked at the man standing next to me and said “did you see that?” I heard a voice from behind me say “yes, and what the hell was it?” I turned around to see that the entire group (with the exception of one member who was putting up equipment and making notes) had looked up to see what we were looking at and had witnessed the entire event. We were all shocked and were unsure what to make of this.

WA, September 12, 2009 – Looking at digital pictures after a hike I saw what looks like a UFO in my image. MUFON Case # 19603.

Hiking the high range of the Sawtooth mountains west of Twisp WA. we approached a pass just below 8,000′. I stopped to take some pictures of my companions from the top as they summited this pass. All five of us saw nothing unusual. My camera got wet on the hike out so I didn’t turn it on to download my images for many days so I could make sure it was dry so I only saw the images a few days ago. Previewing my images I saw something in one shot over the far ridge that was out of place, zoomed up on it and WOW, what looks to me to be a UFO. I’ve been looking and waiting to see a real UFO myself my entire 55 years, this is a first for me. Images taken before and after of the same view show nothing.

I am a Photographer and use Photoshop allot and I know imaging, but I haven’t messed with this image at all other than to zoom up and clip out the UFO section and enhanced the resolution a little, also made a negative out of one of the clips to get and different look. Looking closer I became more convinced it was something out there in the sun and was 3 dimensional, not on my lens or a digital blurb. The mid day sun was high behind my left shoulder about 15-20 degrees and looking at the clip the object seems to have highlights and shadows matching the sun’s position. It also has what seems to be a dark band around it’s middle and a light area (aura if you will) around it, especially under it.

Watching UFO hunters last night online I saw an old sketch made in 1977 of a UFO spotted in Brazil, it has many similarities to the one in my image. I have included a screen snap of the sketch.