Shades of Grey: The Occult Connection

The creature pictured was allegedly drawn in the presence of an entity that stepped through a portal into the room of famed occultist Aleister Crowley.  Crowley claims he drew the entity as it remained in full waking life in his presence in the room after a trans-dimensional rift was successfully opened by him and his occult cadre.  The image was publicly seen for the first time when Crowley had a close encounter with a large headed small mouthed grey skinned entity with piercing almond shaped eyes.  Does it look at all familiar?

Many have drawn the connection between the entity and the mysterious greys that appeared several years later.  Could this first contact with the other side have been a close encounter of the third kind, and the first of its kind?  As the creature and Crowley spoke that night, it explained that its name was LAM.  LAM, in Tibetan means “The Path.”  Could this trans-dimensional entity be explaining to Crowley “The Path” future superstition would manifest in the near future by appearing in a convincing lifelike three dimensional fashion?  Or did Crowley actually summon a creature, or thought form if you will, that would later attach itself to the high levels of technological wizardry in the 1950’s and 60’s and eventually create a paranoid living breathing phenomenon dancing in the void between where consciousness ends and reality begins.  And who has really ever discovered where the border to this void truly lies?

Crowley numbered the creature 49, in reference to Blavatsky’s “The Voice of Silence” in which each sentence is numbered, and the 49th sentence reads, “Thou canst not travel on the Path before thou hast become that Path itself.”  Contrary to popular belief, the word “Canst” actually means “can,” and is associated with the word “thou.”  The cryptic message, when combined with the fact that LAM actually means “the path” brings up an interesting connection, but one whose conclusions become quickly as impossible to fathom as the location of the photons which must have bounced off the creature in order to grant Crowley sight of the entity.

Some within and without certain occult organizations have considered that LAM may have been the herald to an entire race of trans-dimensional dream entities whose purpose on this Earth are equally unfathomable as the ghosts they seem to share many characteristics with.  The only difference between the spectral ghosts that wander from room to room in haunted houses and these alleged entities is the spiritual kidnapping that seems to take place as victims sleep.

Those who have been able to discover the “true nature” of their captors often describe entities that are trans-dimensional rather than extraterrestrial.  Could Crowley have opened the floodgates in his rituals and let these apparitional creatures in?  And if so, to what end?  If these entities are truly beings of consciousness, are they any less real?  Perhaps this phenomenon is what will finally shatter Earth’s current definition of what reality is.  Is reality defined as objective scientific analysis?  And therefore, are objects which are observed but are unquantifiable merely all figments of our imagination?  Or do they also exist?  When we redefine reality according to the wishes of others we risk entering a vulnerable place where our passions and beliefs can be manipulated and even attacked and transmogrified into abominations of our true selves.  Perhaps it is the transcendental migration into a higher understanding, and a free floating consciousness that is required in order to observe these beings.  Perhaps this is why those under the effects of hypnosis and hallucinogens can observe the creatures Crowley described and the visitors from beyond the stars so easily when in a vulnerable yet observant state.  Perhaps it is this very same state that is required for these creatures to get what they need to remain… our attention.