Shapeshifting UFOs Amaze Witnesses

When we think about UFOs we generally think of luminescent flying balls of energy or very concrete metallic disc-shaped craft.  But one witness in Kansas reports the object he saw was actually quite a different shape.  Actually, he says the object was several different shapes.  This was the case of the shape-shifting UFO that appeared in November and was reported to the Mutual UFO Network.  And if the story sounds strange, this witness’ account is not actually unique.  There have been other reports of similar objects.  And he is not alone.

The event started on a night as normal as any other.  The witness was driving North along a dirt stretch of road on his way into town.  But it was a night out he would soon come to remember even now as among the strangest events of his life.  As he turned off onto the road the moon was brilliantly shining and stretching light in every direction with its mysterious bluish haze.  But the moon wasn’t the only thing in the sky that night.  As the witness looked up his jaw dropped.

The closest thing the witness could compare it to was a brightly lit glowing pencil.  And as he watched it closely, he began to see that the shape was not simply sitting still in the sky above him.  It gradually shifted, moving to a spherical shape.  The witness, in his report to the Mutual UFO Network, reported that the object may have simply been shifting its orientation so as to appear to have changed shape.  While this does make the incident seem slightly less strange, it does not even come close to explaining just how the object suddenly moved in such a perfect position so quickly and deliberately.

The witness, being alone in the middle of a dirt road had no choice but to continue driving along.  As he watched, the object suddenly turned and either disappeared or sped off into the distance at incredible speed.  Finding himself alone, the witness continued along.  He says the incident could not have lasted more than 30 seconds.  

But there have been other similar incidents reported around the world.  In Boise Idaho witnesses reported seeing a shape-shifting device that hovered above a recreational area.  In Marfa Texas, several of the lights reported have been known to shift shape and move off in ways very similar to those reported by the witness.  And even in Chile during the incidents reported throughout 2010 the massive triangular shape seen hovering above small rural villages was seen to alter its appearance and even shape-shift.  And perhaps the most well known case of a shape shifting vehicle would have to be over Phoenix Arizona during the Phoenix Lights Incident where several witnesses reported seeing the lights – thought to be attached to a central craft – reconfigure themselves before returning to a more uniformed formation and drifting off.

So why do these craft shape-shift?  What can we learn from these incredible sightings?  And how could anything exist inside a craft that can change its very shape?