Ships or Creatures from the Stars?

When you read reports of certain UFOs they do not seem to have the same metallic characteristics as others, but rather seem to have this unknown organic quality to them that suggests the vessels roaming through the heavens are not constructed ships for alien visitors to occupy, but rather are creatures in themselves.  Is it possible some UFO sightings involve not only an object, but a living creature as well?

It seems obvious enough that humans are not intended to be subjected to the vacuum of space.  Without an advanced system protecting us from the elements we quickly would die not only from the vacuum and the cold, but from various forms of radiation as well.  But what if we were to discover a creature that did not perish in the vacuum of space, instead enjoying complete isolation from the elements through a form of energetic radiation, a chitinous shell, or even an internal system that thrived on the cosmic radiation of space rather than fighting against the hazards present?

It’s an interesting question, but immediately we are struck by limitations to our imagination.  Since we have spent the majority of our existence on a planetary body, our entire method of thinking surrounds these bodies working in relation to them even when we attempt to think off-world.  And our conception of the universe works within this infinitesimal portion of the universe’s space and energy.  And of course this is where the first problem arises, likely not by coincidence.

Since life on Earth is the only one we have been able to learn about and watch from its development, everything we understand in the broader sense must branch off from the basic understanding of evolution.  But what if there were another mechanism that allowed life to spring forth spontaneously and eventually develop an incredible understanding of the universe around it?  Spontaneous generation was never actually, to be fair, proven to be impossible.  It is, like so many things are in our scientific understanding, doubted strongly (and these doubts are supported by scientific theories and experiments.)

So if something could somehow spring forth from this unknown cosmic mechanism that allows life, a simple creature could be let loose into the void of space somewhere beyond our perception and begin its existence, fulfilling its purpose and eventually gaining better understanding of what it was and the nature of those distant points of light which provided it nourishment.  After countless eons drifting, it may eventually begin to change.  In this case I’ll avoid the term evolution since it’s possible this creature is working outside of anything we currently understand as evolution.  It could just as easily be transmuting at random.  But if it did somehow achieve a means of propulsion, it could after millions of years by chance happen on our world.  If we were to say after the fact that we were not alone after this, it would be a severe understatement to a consciousness that thought it was the only creature in the whole of existence.

So when we take this into consideration, a creature that has never throughout its entire existence understood communication or even the idea of other consciousnesses, it’s quite possible such a creature could behave in ways that we considered “odd,” floating through the sky as a translucent ball of light or even landing and experimenting with our reactions only to take off never to be seen again for a hundred years.