Shocking Alien Abduction Captured on Film

A new video depicts what some are calling the holy grail of the alien abduction phenomenon – an actual alien abduction in progress.  But if you’re hoping to see an alien walking up to the figure in the footage you may be disappointed.  The footage shows no sign of computer tampering, but shows a woman vanishing in her bed and then returning moments later seemingly springing up from nowhere.  The footage is strange to say the least.

The image shows a couple sleeping in bed in the middle of the night when suddenly the figure on the right appears to recede into nothingness.  At the end of the footage the figure suddenly appears again rising up as if from nothing.  There are a few points to this video that have people very interested, but there are certainly still many questions left unanswered.

First, you’ll notice that the figure on the right doesn’t show very much of themselves.  Instead she appears to be completely wrapped in the covers like a cocoon.  Of course that’s not an extremely unusual way to sleep, but it does inconveniently make it so the footage could have some sort of trickery involved.  But then when she reappears it’s difficult to imagine just how someone could have made another person rise back into the bed from a hole beneath in one smooth motion.  This has led some to suggest perhaps there was no person under the covers at all, but rather a balloon which inflated quickly to fill the area.  There’s only one problem with this theory – the speed at which the figure returns.  Emergency boats are designed to fill quickly, but they also have specialized canisters in them that make this possible.  It’s difficult to imagine a vacuum pushing air into a bag made to look like a sleeping anthropomorphic figure when inflated could have inflated so quickly and still pressurize so well that even the weight of the covers were held up.

It’s strange to think that these events could have actually taken place in real life.  How could someone just disappear from their own bed in the middle of the night and then suddenly reappear minutes later?  Why?  And what would be happening to them during this time?  The answer is certainly as horrifying as it is mystifying.  For years we have been living with the idea that alien abduction occurs when aliens come into your room and physically take you into a ship, but this footage – if genuine – suggests an entirely different possibility.  Perhaps the difference is not actually in the real world as we understand it, but is rather the result of some phenomenon we do not actually yet understand taking place on a higher dimension.  If this were the case, is it possible we could actually be looking at the first real footage of a extra-dimensional abduction taking place?

Judge for yourself.  View the footage here.