Shocking Alien Body Footage Captured in Russia

Films have come about in the past that show ships, alien interview, flying saucers crashing, balls of light in the sky, and the death of an alien after being smashed by a hiker with a stick.  But one film that recently arose on Youtube shows something that could dwarf all of those if it proves to be genuine.  Of course “if,” in this case is a word that leaves several question marks.  Just look at the video and you’ll see what we mean.

It shows an anonymous pair of teenagers, possibly of Russian nationality running along a brisk frozen field of snow and ice with a dog barking in the background.  Like the lead-up to an 80’s horror movie, the sun is setting in the distance as an eerie silence falls across the icy plane.  As they turn, they approach a ditch where a strange figure lies partially uncovered.  That figure by all accounts appears to have an unexplainable form that rebels against all known notions of what “normal” is.

Its head is unusually large for its thin frail body.  Two large black orbs stare vacantly at the sky like the eyes of a dead insect.  The skin appears bruised from prolonged exposure to the elements.  The limbs are partially covered by the snow still, except for one which appears to have been uncovered entirely by an animal and then taken away – being ripped off at the knee.  The graphic images are horrifying to say the least.  To find an alien in its entirety suggests something unusual has occurred.  But if there is something missing – one can only wonder at the fate of the animal that dragged it away and likely ate it.  It is certainly the stuff horror films are made of.

But is it real?  We have seen our share of alien body hoaxes in the past.  The most famous case is the alleged “alien autopsy” film associated with the Roswell crash incident that so many witnesses not only confirmed, but even arose recently in the news from an FBI file released by the FBI’s Vault.  And while the figure itself does seem fairly familiar – almost being a perfect facsimile of some types of the alien Grey that have been seen in the culture since the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, the fact that the figure has been exposed to the elements for so long makes identification and correlation to other types of “greys” all the more difficult.

From what we can tell the two people in the film then turn around and say the dog uncovered the body partially, possibly being the one to carry it away.  Its arms appear to be very long and reach past its waist, but its actual height is difficult to determine as it is partially buried in the snow even while it is being filmed.

Is this a real alien that somehow found itself lost on our planet?  Or simply a high budget hoax?  Be warned, the following footage, if genuine, shows a dead and possibly partially eaten alien.