Shocking Encounter Between UFO and USAF

 Almost thirty years after an incredible encounter, one medic from Hopkinsville Kentucky has come forward with a report about one of the most incredible events he has ever encountered.  The man making the report was a former Air Force Medic who had been involved with training exercises.  His story is so incredible, that if others come forward to corroborate his claim, it may prove to be another incredibly famous story like the Kecksburg UFO incident or perhaps even the Rendlesham Airbase incident.  Unfortunately, it has been unreleased until just recently.

It all began in 1981 during an exercise involving the 101st airborne division involving some 28,000 soldiers.  During the exercise, the anonymous witness making the report said they had received a call telling them to stop so they could survey the skies.  They were told to check their watches, and keep track of the time making note of any loss of time.  They were additionally instructed to keep track of any potential puncture marks or scars indicating surgery may have taken place.  They were also instructed to keep track of any potential missing hair, fingernails, or any other samples that may have been taken from them.  Though the instructions were odd, but the assembly complied.

Then as the night wore on, the witness claims that he, along with his company commander, noticed an object high in the sky that soon broke off into five smaller craft which then displayed incredible ability to move with more maneuverability than anything known on Earth.  The craft spun and stopped until one of them approached a group of three airmen, including the witness who was a medic at the time.  The reporting witness approached the craft as it hovered above them at about five feet off the ground.  Soon he realized the craft may have been bothered by his weapons and equipment and he ran back to his group and left it behind.  Included in the equipment he left behind was a pair of night vision binoculars.  He walked up to it until he was less than a foot away from it almost touching it with his nose.  Strangely the object did nothing.

Then the medic suddenly got a sensation in his mind that something was wrong.  He began to feel uneasy as though he were in some sort of danger.  Suddenly he felt very curiously as though he should run from the craft.  It was almost as though something had gone terribly wrong, and that he and the other two men would be in danger if they remained.  The witness ran back to the group and they immediately began praying as the object hovered there in front of them.  Soon the object floated away and returned with the other four in the sky to what appeared to be a larger object.

Later, at the debriefing, the witness was questioned about the craft itself.  He was asked if it had any markings indicating if it was Russian or Chinese.  Of course it hadn’t, and he indicated as such.  Weeks later as he was doing an exercise, he realized that the night vision laser associated with the goggles could be seen up to several miles away.  This led him to speculate that perhaps whatever had been piloting the craft may have thought the goggles were weapons.