Sighting 40 Years Ago Finally Submitted

A report has recently been submitted to the public by MUFON that was reported by a witness and became secret for over 40 years.  The sighting had several witnesses and no explanation.  To this day those involved in this sighting are haunted by their experience with the unexplainable object.

Five Witnesses were coming home from a wedding shower for a friend when the driver made the decision to take a detour down a new road that had just opened just outside of Florence Alabama.  The country road mostly ran through fields, and the night was a calm clear one that had been filled so far with laughter, friends, and fun.  But as they made the turn suddenly the driver of the car, a girl by the name of Carla slammed on her brakes.  As the others in the car pointed and wondered aloud they all became aware of an orange glowing craft rotating in the distance.  Since the night was warm, they had all rolled down their windows in the hopes of enjoying the night breeze running through the car.  Unfortunately, this was what elicited one of the girls, by the name of Tammy to scream and begin rolling up the windows and encouraging the others to do the same.  As the craft moved over the fields they watched it until it vanished.  They began talking excitedly about what they had seen.  What was it?  Could it have been a natural phenomenon?  Was it a military aircraft?  Carla started the car up again and got back onto the main road.

What they didn’t know was that their night was far from over.  As they continued driving, they all went silent and continued scanning the skies in the hopes of catching a glimpse at another object.  They were all, however, still surprised when it appeared once again this time hovering over a line of trees.  The place it was hovering led them to believe it was hovering directly over a road, which they turned off onto and followed, but the object was moving.  As they chased the flying glow tensions became high.  Some of the girls insisted they turn back, but others (including the girl submitting the report) knew this might be their only chance to see something like this.  They chased the object for a couple minutes, but as it disappeared a second time, they turned back and went home.

And yet when they arrived at their prospective destinations, they realized that they had lost almost two hours of time.  As the witness submitting the report was confronted by her mother, she explains that she was at a loss for words.  They had been on time before, and had only chased the object for a period of less than five minutes.  The next day as they rode to school they made a verbal pact not to tell anyone at their school about their experience.  To this day several of the witnesses that night believe they had been abducted by the strange object that hung massive in the sky.