Skeptic Encounters Alien in Disbelief

A self proclaimed UFO skeptic is changing his tune after a harrowing encounter with a mysterious craft he observed hovering above a bowling green in the United Kingdom as well as a mysterious figure that approached him and his dog as they were passing through.

Roy Shaw, a retired engineer and self proclaimed skeptic of the paranormal was walking his dog Sydney through Exmouth, Devon through the night.  The object was approximately 30′ wide and over 100′ long, and was hovering above a minigolf course and bowling alley.  The object was emitting a mysterious light which was blinking and flashing blue and red lights along the bottom.  Mr. Shaw could think of no words to describe the feeling that overtook him as the event escalated and a mysterious white figure was spotted on the ground nearby.  As the entity apparently spotted him and began to move toward him, his dog began to growl.  Shaw was so frightened by his experience, he actually twisted his ankle as he made an expeditious retreat away from the event.  What thoughts went through his head as he spotted the mysterious object remain a mystery, but the encounter clearly elicited a feeling of fear within him resulting in his fleeing the scene.

The entity itself was approximately four feet tall and had a smoky appearance to it as Roy could see directly through it.  When the entity began emitting a sound like a person droning the words, “My, my, my, my, my,” Roy decided he had seen enough and fled the scene before he could discern what the entity’s intentions were.

Did this experience, incredible as it was, change this skeptic’s point of view on the prospect of the paranormal?  Roy still describes himself as a skeptic, and says he cannot explain the encounter.  Still, he doesn’t necessarily believe the encounter proves for him that aliens are among us.  And while the anecdotal story does raise some serious questions, many say after a life of skepticism, it’s difficult for some people to change their entire belief system.

It’s a very real question, whether or not those who may have distinct memories where they encounter an extraterrestrial entity can change their minds after the end of a long life of staunch debunking.  The question seems to be an almost religious one when you take into consideration the vast effect it would have on someone’s life and the lives of those around them.  And in this case I don’t feel the skeptic is necessarily at fault for his beliefs.  There are a number of things that humans have experienced throughout history that they refused to change their belief systems for.  Trains, for example, were met with staunch criticism as contraptions beyond the laws of physics and were often disbelieved in areas where prior only horses had been used.  And this simple change is merely in reaction to a technological achievement.  It seems likely even absolute proof of an alien encounter would result in mass resistance by large groups and even possibly result in conflict.  It seems we have elucidated yet another hurdle mankind would have to overcome before an alien presence could be accepted in this world.