Skeptical Witness Observes Cylindrical UFO

A witness reporting to MUFON the Mutual UFO Network described an encounter with a mysterious craft that can only be described as a UFO on October 28th of this year.  Though it happened only a week ago, across the stretch of time it must seem to the witness to have happened in a different time entirely.

It was a Thursday night in Lynwood California.  Halloween was yet to happen, and trick or treaters were gearing up to go door to door.  Partygoers were dressing up in costumes and possibly hoping for a bit of a scare as well.  But as this witness looked up into the sky expecting to see nothing more than a starry blanket of night, they caught sight of something entirely different.

Cruising through the sky without emitting a single sound, the object was hovering in a straight line in the way one would expect a plane to.  But the witness reports that there is no way this could have been a conventional aircraft.  Though it was low enough to the ground to certainly hear, the object seemed to emit no sound and was just shooting across the sky in a straight line without a sound like a ghost.  The craft, according to the witness, was roughly cylindrical, although from his perspective it could have just as easily been oval.

In his report to MUFON, the witness went on to stress that although he was perplexed by this mysterious occurrence, he was confident that whatever he saw was not of extraterrestrial origin.  Though he had familiarized himself with the paranormal over the course of many years, he believes that the craft he witnessed could have been a conventional aircraft using technology far beyond anything we have on Earth.  Such a craft, suggests the witness, could be responsible for a number of UFO sightings and even ultimately cause humans to believe an alien invasion were taking place if it were not.  He closed his statement by quoting the famous line by Ronald Reagan to the Soviet Union, “I often think about how quickly our differences would vanish if we were to be faced with an alien threat from outside this world.”

The theory that an alien invasion could be faked to gain support for a government program or change in policies and even fight in a human vs. alien war has been getting quite a bit of attention lately.  The Blue Beam theory suggests that a government project would use an alien threat as an excuse for a change in policy that ultimately disrupted everything we knew about society and reorganized it for the sake of their own purposes.  Of course this theory is met with alternate skepticism and belief.  But why is it getting so much attention lately?  Is it because an ultimate distrust of the policy makers of our world has reached the point that it supercedes belief in extraterrestrial visitations?  Are G men filling the same niche that extraterrestrials once did?  Can we really consider members of our own species to be that alien?