Small Figures Observed Beneath UFO

It’s surprisingly rare how infrequently a submitted UFO report actually contains sightings of humanoid or alien beings aside from the witnesses when they are reported to MUFON.  And it’s doubly  rare when that sighting is made by a former law enforcement official.  The incident is incredibly intense and will be sure to draw much attention in the paranormal community if any of it can be confirmed, so we will only be using the first name of the witness, “Nick.”

It all began last July, but Nick found himself understandably apprehensive about releasing his account and did not submit it to the popular UFO reporting site MUFON until just recently.  After returning home from work, Nick got out of his car and witnessed a strange orange object hovering in the sky to the North.  Having identified the moon as being in a different location, Nick was trying to ascertain exactly what this mysterious floating object could be when he at first gave up and went inside.  After a short period, Nick decided to return outside and smoke a cigarette.  It could not have been more than ten minutes.  When he returned to his porch, he once again looked to the sky and saw that the strange object was still there.  And there was something else that would have an impact on Nick for quite some time.  His ears were drawn to a strange rustling sound in a nearby field and he saw several small figures he at first thought were children wandering about the field.  In the distance he couldn’t make any details about them aside from their short stature.  A little perplexed, he wondered what children were doing wandering about the field so close to midnight.  Additionally, he didn’t hear them screaming or even talking, only furthering the mystery.

Troubled, Nick went inside and started watching TV before the events he had just observed once again got to him and he walked back outside to investigate once more.  Again he saw the children wandering around the field shrouded in shadow and completely featureless.  Only then, as Nick watched, the “children” suddenly disappeared , vanished without a trace.  Troubled by this, Nick stood wordlessly with the weight of what he had just witnessed.

Nick would later consider it a possibility that the creatures he had seen could have been related to the mysterious glowing object hovering in the distance.  But who were these small figures, and why were they in a field nearby?

If we are to believe Nick’s account is accurate, immediately it seems a possibility that they could have actually not been children, but rather short strange beings with large heads traditionally said to be associated with spacecraft.  There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts where a witness catches sight of a strange collection of beings of short stature moving about in fields with various intentions observed and perceived.  Since the traditional “greys” are approximately 3′ tall on average according to most accounts, it stands to reason that an alien craft would release these greys into a field for (to pardon the pun) “field research” of some sort.

But there is another and far more chilling possibility that comes to mind when reading Nick’s report.  Could the beings have not been alien at all, but rather terrestrial children?  What if a group of runaways had made their way to the field and suddenly disappeared, transported somehow onto the ship or to another dimension?  Of course this is purely speculation, but it’s a prospect that makes the idea of aliens in a field somehow more comfortable.