Small Objects Followed by Massive UFO

A witness from Dayton Ohio has shared an event that would haunt them for years afterward as they observed an object in the sky in December of 1993.  As the witness traveled with his girlfriend and her mother, suddenly an object appeared to them in the distance streaking across the sky and suddenly stopping before streaking to another point of sky and holding that position as well.  The night’s events were far from over as they got out of the car to look at the object, and the witness would remain silent about the event for almost 20 years before finally going public about it.

As they stood outside the car watching, they were struck by an incredible sight.  The object they had witnessed darting about the sky at an estimated altitude of  somewhere between one and two thousand feet was only one of dozens actually flitting about the sky.  The cloud of brightly lit objects in the sky was difficult to count as the objects were mingling with one another at times, but the witness estimates somewhere around fifty of them in total.  They stood there watching in awe for several minutes before the objects started disappearing.  Finally deciding they had to get home, the witnesses all piled back into the vehicle and arrived at their destination back home.  

But the story doesn’t end there.  As the witnesses got out of their vehicle they noticed a deep throbbing hum resonating throughout the area outside their house.  Unable to pinpoint the exact source, they started to go inside when suddenly the sound got even louder.  The witness describes the bass effect of the sound as being similar to a “15 inch subwoofer.”  As he remained outside while the other witnesses began heading inside he stopped dead in his tracks as a massive cigar-shaped craft with a strange iridescent glowing underside emerged from the treetops and hovered overhead.  The object hung suspended in the sky for a second before the witness, terrified, ran inside.

Desperate for a logical explanation he made a series of phone calls, trying to ascertain whether there were any blimps flying in the area.  He was informed that all of them were grounded aside from the Goodyear blimp in Cleveland, which was a considerable distance away.  Similarly, a call to Hopkins airport revealed that nothing had shown up on long range radar and there were no calls of unconventional or unexplained craft in the area.  

Finally working up the nerve to grab a camera, the witness then cautiously made his way outside once again.  By this time the resonating sound had ceased and there was nothing outside.  Disappointed, and perhaps a little relieved the witness went back inside.  But the exact nature of the incident would haunt him for years afterward.  Though there were several witnesses to the first two events, the device that would later hover above them eventually turned out to be something entirely unearthly and would remain a complete mystery to all witnesses involved ever since.