Space reality

Our earth is just a tiny speck in the universe, the extent of which we are still oblivious to! The engulfing space or the void beyond the planet seems to bear witness to a lot of earthly and unearthly activity. We have had a number of alien sightings and those of unidentified flying objects on record, in different parts of the world. In Canada, a flashing light was sighted in the sky, just below the full moon. The light streaked the night sky like a plane or helicopter, but there was not only no noise, it was too slow to be a plane! The lights were very unlike the strobes we know on our aircrafts. The ‘egg-shaped’ object or saucer was quite a sight to be ignored by any earthling. Then again, in Texas, a witness saw a gray, almost cloud-like saucer, about 50 feet long! It too made no sound and the person was able to capture the object on his digital camera. However, when the film was developed, there was nothing on them. 

There are many such intriguing sightings on record and photographic evidence too. However, most photos are very hazy and unclear. Nevertheless, the UFO enthusiasts base their theories on such records. The presence of aliens and the sightings of unidentified flying objects on earth are debatable, but the media and the entertainment industry have capitalized on the possibility. Popular movies like Independence Day go a step further and probe into the possibility of an inter-galactic attack, while ET showcases the lovable creatures from outer space as helpless, but highly intelligent, and lost on earth.  

We have for years brain-stormed the possibility of the existence of aliens on the basis of what we think they would be like. However, those who swear by what they saw, confirm distinguishing features like sullen heads and evolved appendages. Aliens and UFOs have dominated the world of science and fiction. There are as many photographs of UFOs and aliens available. All are surprisingly, blurs and possible forgeries. Space reality would be the astounding physical evidence such as ‘debris’ from alien crash landings and burn marks on the ground and even implants on abductees. The enquiry into whether the sightings are for real is highly debatable and depends upon each individual’s mind set. While some of us are scientifically drawn, some believe willingly. 

Delving on space reality, we earthlings surely know how to profit from possibilities and notions. Today, we have a number of dedicated toys and games to our unearthly neighbors. There are dedicated online and offline resources that enable enthusiasts to give in to their questioning minds and seek answers from specially designed forums and sites that flaunt recorded content and the photographic evidence. The offline resources include special libraries and journals that highlight the findings and declarations by authorities from NASA and government bodies and the military. The final say on space reality-myth or fact, lies in each one’s individual perspective. While the non-believers dismiss everything as ‘made-up’ and fraudulent, those who claim the experience are adamant about what they saw and felt.