Space unlimited

The topic of the extra terrestrials and the unidentified flying objects seen in the earth sky is one of great interest to the ever intrigued human mind. People have through time, speculated on the fantastic sightings on record. Even as NASA and government authorities refuse to buy the ‘stories’, the number of sky watchers keep increasing by the day. It is very interesting to note that even as the NASA authorities and the government officials deny the sightings and brush them aside as military and aviation based projects that are supposed to be secret in nature, they still probe into the possibility of accessing other galaxies and life forms on other planets. It is not really their fault, what with the endless infinity that engulfs the universe beyond. It leaves much scope to speculate and observe. 

Space unlimited is definitely the current theme on planet earth. Our toy and gaming industry has capitalized well on the sighting and the hazy photographic evidence provided of the extra terrestrials and the unidentified flying objects. Hazy or not, they are food for thought. We have a dedicated industry that caters to the needs of toddlers as well as teenagers with regards to the ‘out there and beyond’. While robotic space men in their fantastic silver jumpsuits are a part of every toddlers growing years, the gaming industry encourages every youngster and adult alike to become warriors and save planet earth from a possible invasion by the extra terrestrials and the unidentified flying objects. 

It is amazing to see the aliens come to life on the big screen too. The theme of Space Unlimited has moved on to the next level and now the Spielberg extravaganza and box office grosser ET-Extra Terrestrial is being viewed all over the world repeatedly. While the movie depicts the extra terrestrials and the unidentified flying objects as harmful and on a mission of discovery, the popular Independence Day has the superstars running around and saving the planet from the extra terrestrials and the unidentified flying objects, who are not only dangerous, but also erratic. 

Space unlimited has definitely grossed in the desired revenue on planet earth. No fancy dress party is complete without a space man or an alien. This has only proved how convinced we are about life out there. The extra terrestrials and the unidentified flying objects make interesting reading material too and initiate an enquiry. Is this all made up? Are all the sightings fraudulent? Are all the reporters of the sightings, the eye witnesses, disturbed minds? The globules watched a hundred times in the night sky really just meteorites and military action? 

Well, we can just speculate and question and fuel our beliefs. Ultimately, each one to his own! Space unlimited is for sure, how limited are we? That is left to be seen and proved, but in the meanwhile our friendly, or unfriendly, neighbors sure have a market and a lot of importance out here. It is amazing though that in spite of all the denial and acceptance, we tend to prefer them to have very human like appendages and faculties!