Spontaneous Memories – One Witness’ Account

We depend on memories our whole lives.  It’s no mystery that without our memories we would be completely lost.  And yet the organ within us that is so commonly depended on to bring these memories back to us can be flawed or even outright lie to us.  What should we do when the brain recalls events that are entirely impossible?  And furthermore, what happened to one witness who reported a sudden “total recall” of events that seemed to be of a paranormal nature?  Should these memories be considered reliable?

Total recall is what some witnesses call it when suddenly they are confronted with images and memories that only seem to affect them many years after the fact.  These witnesses often report seeing objects and encountering creatures that may seem strange or too fantastic to be able to mesh with our own daily lives.  And yet to these witnesses living in the world these events took place in, the distinction seems impossible to draw between the real world of the every day and the world these strange events took place in.

One witness, reporting to the Mutual UFO Network recently posted one such incident in a report where he made a stop at the side of the road and suddenly was reminded of events that took place several years prior.  The witness was suddenly made aware of events that had transpired several years earlier as they were growing up and playing hide-and-seek with friends.  The witness remembers separating from the group and squeezing underneath a row of barbed wire with the intention of hiding for the remainder of the game.  But when he suddenly found himself standing face to face with a strange translucent craft, his memory suddenly took him inside the craft where he was escorted by an unseen entity to a seat that looked like it had a seatbelt on it.

As the strange memories came flooding back to the witness, they found themselves compelled to write down the events and even sharing them with family.  And when the witness asked his aunt about the experience, she didn’t act surprised at all, instead sharing that she had experienced something similar several times before.  And so the witness was left wondering whether his strange bout of “total recall” was really just a fabricated memory or if it could have been real after all.

It’s always strange when we seem to have new memories that come out from nowhere.  These memories could be related to any number of things including aliens more often than not, but there have also been reports of strange ghost sightings coming back to a witness under strange circumstances or other things like the sudden appearance of a creature of cryptozoological significance.  Even conversations and events like owning a different house or leading a different life have been known to suddenly appear in peoples’ minds.

So if our own memories are not reliable at times, then where do we stand in relation to the rest of the world?  Or what about the second possibility?  What if this witness’ memories were genuine?