St. Louis Dispatch UFO Speech

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Official Washington was sure today that it knew what the flying saucers were
not-but it hadn’t the faintest idea what they were.  The Army Air Forces
said they had the matter under investigation. Preliminary study has disclosed
that the flying discs are not: 

1.Secret bacteriological weapons designed by some foreign power. 

2.New-type Army rockets. 

3.Space ships. 

Privately, some air Forces officers say the saucers are not-and let it go at
that. But officially, the A.A.F. said it is “keeping an open mind”
because the discs have been reported by so many normally responsible persons.
“No such phenomena can be explained by any experiments being conducted by
the A.A.F.,”

The official report said. “The statements of witnesses are being
correlated in an effort to identify the reported objects.” Rear. Adm. Paul
F. Lee, director of the naval research laboratory, said tersely: “We concur
in the Army announcement.” A guided missiles expert attached to the naval
research laboratory said he had seen one of the “saucers.” Dr. C. J.
Zohn said he and two fellow scientists spotted it June 29, at White Sands, N.M.

When he reported the finding to the Army, he said, he got nothing but knowing
smiles. “We noticed a glare in the sky,” he said. “We looked up
and saw a silvery disc whirling along. We watched the thing for nearly 60
seconds and then it simply disappeared. It didn’t go behind a mountain range. At
one time it was clearly visible, and then it just wasn’t there.