Stanley Fulham Dies

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The man who predicted the October 2010 UFO Sightings in New York and worldwide has died after a long battle with cancer.  Fulham, who was alleged to be in contact with a race of aliens known as the “transcenders” through a psychic network predicted the October sighting, which ended up shutting down three airports, would not be the last we would hear from the aliens.  In fact, as January of 2011 is coming up, we may be looking at the next big prediction from Fulham coming next.

Fulham predicted that the year 2011 would start off with a massive influx of UFO sightings including a mass sighting which would hit Moscow hard in the early days of the coming new year.  This next mass sighting, Fulham predicts, would predate the coming disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence by the transcenders and help mankind enter a new golden age.  But Fulham’s predictions weren’t all positive.  The transcenders also predicted that there would be a great dying off of people unless care was taken to bring the Earth’s problems under control.  In a world where predictions are commonplace and appearing every day, it’s difficult to look at any single event and say it was definitively confirmed.  On the other hand, in Stanley Fulham’s case it’s difficult to say his prediction was not confirmed.

Stanley Fulham was notable not only because of his contact with extraterrestrials, but partially because he was directly involved with the Royal Canadian Air Force.  His long career ended in retirement and he began investigating unidentified flying objects later in life.  Soon, Fulham would write a book outlining his contact with the alien race known as the Transcenders.  The creatures he had communicated with were said to be operating on a higher plane and hesitent about fully disclosing their presence to the mass population because of the effect it might have on it.  Fear, and hysteria were widely suspected and as a result, the mysterious creatures were not about to create a panic.  But they did want to make their presence known to some.  Hence the message to Stanley Fulham.

Skeptics have proposed the objects hovering above New York were actually yellow balloons released into the sky in the early morning hours that day.  But with Fulham’s story predicting the events and the story reaching front page news and shutting down three airports in a city where balloons are released into the sky every day, the story seems a little stranger.

And with Fulham’s final prediction date fast approaching, we may soon find ourselves in the midst of the most significant mass UFO sighting of the past century over the city of Moscow.  The sighting, expected to happen in the next two to three weeks, is predicted to be one of the most significant aerial displays in quite some time and prove Stanley’s story once and for all.  Fulham’s latest and most significant prediction may have outlived him, but what he stood for to many UFOlogists and believers worldwide will likely stay around for decades to come.  Stanley Fulham will be missed.