Stanley Fulham: UFOs Invading Airspace January 2011

Stan Fulham, the man who first predicted the mass sightings in New York and other major cities on October 13th, has come forward with another prediction suggesting the year 2011 will see even more dramatic sightings in the month of January.  Fulham has come forward this time suggesting the sightings will occur in several cities, and has provided the order of the cities to keep an eye on starting with Moscow.

In this most recent prediction Fulham suggests that the strange objects will appear over Moscow in January of next year early on, but will be followed by a “world tour” complete with dates of arrival and expected days they will most likely be showing up.  Unlike his previous prediction this one has gone global and the Ex Norad official says the time for disclosure is coming.  And soon.

But in the UFO community, hearing the words “disclosure is coming soon” has been repeated for years with little in the way of results.  While spectacular mass sightings have occurred, there has been nothing conclusive that witnesses can use to remove any doubt they have in the UFO phenomenon.  But unlike so many other predictors before him, Fulham has been consistent with his predictions in a way that has given even some skeptics reason to believe his take on the phenomenon.  Communicating the impressions received by the mysterious cadre of psychics known as the “transcenders,” Fulham says he does not personally communicate with the entities himself, instead relying on messages he receives from the group.  But as these psychics once again put their reputation on the line for the first time since the October 13th sightings, this ambitious prediction suggests humanity may be looking at a face to face encounter with extraterrestrial life as early as next year.

The first event in Moscow, will be a major event even by Fulham’s standards.  The mystery in the sky over the Russian capital will raise alarms, but also give those involved the potential to make peace with the idea of peaceful alien visitations.  And then as the first two major displays in Moscow come to a close, the second week of 2011 will be just as eventful with images appearing in the sky over London, according to Fulham.  Finally the objects will move away from the cities and be spotted throughout the continents by several witnesses.  It’s unclear how this will differ from today as several witnesses report spectacular UFO events in rural areas every day, but Fulham suggests these will be some of the most strange and life changing UFO events we will have seen so far.

Still unsure what to make of Fulham, skeptics and believers alike will be looking closer at Moscow as the new year rolls around looking for more interesting UFO footage and sightings.  And if Fulham is proven right once again, this may show not only that the UFO phenomenon and the sightings it is comprised of are heating up, but that we may be facing a new kind of disclosure soon.