Stanley Fulham’s Next Move

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Stan Fulham is the man who first wrote the book predicting a mass sighting on October 13, 2010.  The outbreak of major UFO events across the country, while often overlooked in major media outlets, is a point of interest for many UFO seekers looking for answers.  But who is Stan Fulham?  And what was his next prediction?

Earlier this year a number of military personnel came out with information on the presence of UFOs, but few predictions regarding the October 13th mass sightings aside from Fulham.  But the messages themselves were not coming from the Ex Norad official himself.  Rather it was coming from a group of psychics known as the “Transcenders” that Fulham had exclusive access to.  But the story took an even stranger turn as time went on.

Shortly after the mass sighting, it appeared that Stan had suggested that on October 29th, at 5:30 the president would be scheduled to make a statement on the alien agenda.  Suggesting the world would soon see more than just passing UFOs.  In the heat of the World Series, an alien craft would land on the baseball field in a massive ship and beings would emerge to greet the players.  persons unknown claiming to be Stan suggested that this was a tentative prediction based on information he had received on the matter.  But as time went on, the craft never landed and the world series went on without a hitch.

But that prediction, while attributed to Mr. Fulham has been uncovered thanks to UFOlogist Dirk Vander Ploeg to not be the genuine article.  The prediction was made on a false Facebook page by an unknown party for unknown reasons.

Still many are left asking why this prediction was wrong when the other one was so uncannily prescient.  Even those uninformed of the false Facebook page have suggested that this failed prediction doesn’t invalidate Stan’s other predictions, but there is no shortage of those skeptical of the Canadian Ex Norad official.  Of course the making of such a prediction sounds dangerously close to invalidating itself by being made.  If Stan made a prediction while the spotlight was on him and it was spread in the way it was with millions watching, is it possible the landing of an extraterrestrial craft on the field during the world series would be considered too risky?  Is it possible the panic rippling through the UFO community over other events in the previous weeks resulted in a change of plans for the Transcenders?  Most likely the latest prediction was a farce.

There are any number of reasons why October 29th would have been a bad day for first contact.  Foremost is clearly the upcoming November elections.  If the craft had descended mere days before a major political election it would have no doubt influenced the event and left many politicians unprepared.  If the goal of the visiting race were to get started on the right foot, it is possible they would have realized that the November election was a big deal in the country they were planning to make their first official public appearance.  Even if the executive branch of government were in on such a conspiracy, there is no doubt that the often referred to “powers that be” would be more than interested in ensuring the confusion wasn’t exacerbated by a sudden global political bombshell such as the existence (and presence) of aliens.

Still the UFO community is listening with an eager ear to what Stan Fulham will have to say next.  And if his next prediction comes true, some will be pointing to the skies on that afternoon as they give him another chance to predict the next big one.