Stanton Friedman Releases His Take on UFO Coverup

Stanton Friedman, well respected proponent of the theory of UFOs as a craft piloted by extraterrestrials and ex nuclear physicist for GE, GM, and other companies has come forward with his take on the UFO cover-up story.  Since 1958, Friedman has been studying UFOs and even lectured at over 700 colleges and other organizations throughout the world.  He has since this time gained recognition as not only one of the fathers of modern UFOlogy, but also as a man who’s willing to go to any length to uncover the truth about flying saucers.

But there is much many of us have missed about Stanton Friedman and his credentials.  Many are surprised to hear he is a nuclear physicist, but it’s also rarely known that prior to his interest in UFOs and Flying Saucers he was the main civilian investigator of the crash of a mysterious object in Roswell, New Mexico.  Friedman has by now studied thousands of UFO incidents, many of which he declared explainable by natural means.  It is the rest of the reports he is most interested in.  And after more than 50 years, Friedman believes he has a firm grasp on the situation that is being covered up by the government.

And one of his longest lived rivalries has been with a group that is both interested and enthusiastic about the prospect of contact with alien life: SETI (The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) whose funding directly depends on a lack of UFO evidence suggesting aliens have visited Earth.  SETI is only one of a laundry list of government organizations that are directly influenced by a lack of alien presence on Earth.  And Friedman suggests it goes much deeper than this.  He suggests that the presence of intelligently controlled craft of extraterrestrial origin affects every department in the military and every single person on Earth from a religious, technological, and economic point of view.  The announcement of the presence of alien visitors could in the end not only effect the human race’s ability to cope with the challenges of everyday life, but could also cripple faith in he government immensely.  Technological development could be severely adversely affected by the announcement of alien life on this planet.  And there’s another side of the alien cover-up that has a more sinister side to it.  If humans truly are being abducted as thousands of reports claim every year, then there’s a very strong possibility that something more is going on than is widely accepted or even acceptable.

Calling it the Cosmic Watergate of our time, Friedman continues to look for answers.  Friedman’s words on the subject carry with them a chilling look at our ability to cope with this mysterious new world, “Now is probably the time to say, yes, we’re part of a galactic neighborhood; unfortunately, we’re not big shots in the neighborhood.”  If he is right, then are we truly even ready for this facade of what we so lovingly call normalcy to disappear forever?  Are we mature enough as a species to be able to cope with this possibility?