Steves Reaction On: Song of the Grey’s

This article is a reply to “Song of the Grey’s and Jane Waters”. The original article is located https://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_2984.shtml

Having read the article by Jane Waters, I agree with most of the
first few paragraphs on the conspiracy to create a one-world government
by an elite, wealthy group, and that these same people are connected to
the ET issue, and are working with certain alien groups with a control
agenda, where the planet is concerned.
    I do however, not agree with her paradigm concerning the Grey’s as
‘robots’ without souls, (though they have a ‘hive mind’), working in
effect as a singular entity. I am a likely abductee/participant in the
Grey program, and their future offspring the Zeta-Human hybrids. While
the Greys have some ‘renegade’ groups, that are less humane/benevolent,
the overall program is the Creator’s way of integrating two polar
opposites, (Mankind and The Greys), as a way of healing both groups.
The Greys see themselves as a singular entity, (with individual
awareness), and their greatest fear is being cut off from the
whole/individuality. On the other hand,  mankind’s greatest fear is
intimacy, or being totally connected to all. The bringing together of
these two species, and their integration, is healing the fears of both,
and thus healing all. The hybrid children are aware of both species,
(Human and Zeta), and are emotionally and spiritually connected to, and
love both groups. Mankind is not being taken over by these Greys or
their hybrid offspring. They are healing themselves and in so doing
assisting our species to likewise heal themselves. This does not
discount the presence of controlling/manipulating species of aliens and

their human counterparts from causing a lot of damage, and seeking to
bring about the state of affairs that Jane Waters mention at the outset
of her article on the Song of the Greys.
    O.K. Keep up the good work. You are getting information ot to the
public that will be important for them to understand in the coming
days, Good luck! Love, Steve