Stick Figure Creatures Were Smaller Than They Appeared

The creatures that wowed the paranormal community with the mysterious footage showing them walking down a path on a hill has been studied and the findings are nothing short of incredible.  Perhaps more unsettling than originally thought, these creatures are showing they are not only smaller than originally thought, but a fairly comprehensive analysis accompanying the video has more than a few convinced that it’s genuine.  But if that’s the case, just what are we looking at?

The video shows two creatures, which appear to be nothing more than round heads atop long unexplainably thin legs that waltz with a strange sliding gait as they stroll down this rural area of road behind trees.  The larger of the two shapes is quickly followed by a smaller one which seems to stop and look around at one point before attempting to catch up to the larger of the two entities.  The original video, which was uploaded in March had a strong impression on the first few thousand viewers who quickly shared it and allowed it to reach viral status.  But after that the scrutiny began with these images reaching skeptics.  And barring some unknown high quality CG hoaxing technique, no one has been able to provide an explanation as to how something like this could have been faked.  And this isn’t the first entirely unexplainable video of these creatures captured from California.

But it appears the creatures were far smaller than the original video seems to suggest, with a size comparison superimposed on the video it looks like the taller of the two creatures is no higher up than a baby’s stroller as it walks past.  The smaller creature is apparently no higher than a foot and a half tall.  While this size comparison doesn’t shed any light on what the creatures could be, it does help provide further evidence on what they are most definitely not.  Contrary to the original opinion of many skeptics, it would appear the far smaller creatures would be impossible to fake by simply wrapping a long flowing sheet around a person and having them walk on stilts.  The clear space between the creatures two legs that appear to make up the majority of their bipod-like bodies suggests nothing could be so intelligently controlled unless it was a puppet.

The puppet analysis is the one the video attempts to address next, suggesting a puppet would leave behind strings when the footage was embossed.  Unfortunately, this is not possible as the strings could have theoretically blended in with the surrounding environment concealing the strings.  But the figures don’t appear to be puppet-like for different reasons.  The strings guiding the puppets would have to be quite high up giving plenty of opportunity for the puppets to act clumsily or awkwardly and generally look like puppets with even the slightest wind.  And there’s the matter of the puppeteer himself.  He would have had to either use a pulley system that travels across the field of view to make the puppets appear to be moving of their own free will.  While this is common practice for puppets, and can be achieved quite easily, the system itself would have to have been rigged up on the street in the middle of the night.  It seems like a bit much for such a simple video.  And perhaps it’s that very simplicity that makes this video truly amazing.