Strange Blinking Object Reported to Mufon

A report coming from one witness and submitted to the Mutual UFO Network suggests that a series of very strange objects were seen in Cheyenne Wyoming by one man and his girlfriend over the course of the past few weeks.  The final incident finally motivated him to act and finally come forward with the details of these mysterious occurrences.  The events have left the witness wondering no doubt why he has been so involved in seeing these objects, and just what they could be.

The strange incident all started with the witness observing a mysterious light in the sky he initially thought was nothing more than a star.  But as he continued observing it, the object suddenly flared up and started to move to the upper right hand portion of his vision.  At first he thought little of it until it began hovering behind objects as though attempting to use these obstructions on the ground as a way of blocking his vision.  As he continued moving his head in order to spot the objects they suddenly would move once again behind something and he would find it difficult to follow.  Then, just as the events had begun, they suddenly stopped.  The first event reportedly occurred in October.

In early December, just a week ago, the witness then reportedly saw another object suddenly hovering in the sky and moving behind an object in the same way.  As he walked upstairs to find his girlfriend to have another witness, he found her just staring off into the distance as if she was miles away.  As she normally didn’t behave in such a strange way, the witness was understandably confused and perhaps even a little frightened by the prospect of such strange behavior happening in such close proximity to an unidentified object hovering nearby.  Within seconds she snapped out of it and proceeded to follow him outside where, after a few minutes, she too was able to see the object darting around the sky with no known Earthly means of propulsion.  After a few moments of observing the craft it once again disappeared from their view.

The final incident occurred just a few nights ago with the witness looking out into the sky and observing a strange blinking red light.  As they continued along, soon it was apparent that this blinking red light was moving about in a way very similar to the unknown other objects.  Eventually as he watched it faded and disappeared.  It should also be noted that this blinking red light was not behaving as a normal strobing light on an aircraft, instead fluctuating the rate and brightness by which it blinked and making it appear that it was attempting to convey some sort of message with this strange pulse of light.

Just what was the witness observing when he walked outside during these incidents?  And was the strange behavior of those around him somehow related to the incident?  The fact that the lights somehow seemed to be moving to avoid his gaze is interesting, but not entirely unheard of in the UFO phenomenon.  In fact, many witnesses report that these craft seem to react to the thoughts of those observing them, but why we still do not know.