Strange Lights in Farming Community

A witness reporting from Bishopville Kentucky to the Mutual UFO Network has shared an experience he had while driving to a club in Bishopville South Carolina.  The witness reportedly had not ever encountered an unidentified flying object before this incident and was not eager to share when he did.  For obvious reasons his identity has been kept confidential, but his story is as chilling now as when it occurred.

It all began on Halloween of 2009 a little over one year ago, but stands out as one of the stranger UFO sightings reported this week.  The witness was reportedly driving out to a club on a simple country road when he noticed a strange light in the distance.  At first the witness noticed that the light was coming from an area near the home of someone he knew, and thought it might be a street lamp or similar manmade object.  But as he drew nearer, he noticed that the light -whatever it was- somehow was hovering several feet above the treetops only a few dozen yards from the road.  As he slowed his car down and began coasting he looked closer and could clearly see streams of light emanating from the treetops and spilling out onto the ground up ahead.  And then as though sensing his presence, these lights suddenly and unexplainably went out, doused by some unseen hand.  Rolling down his window, and with his engine still idling as he coasted at around twenty five miles per hour, he couldn’t hear anything coming from the area.  He had expected to at least hear a distant helicopter or some other sound to explain this mysterious light hovering in the distance.

Though he never saw the craft directly, the lights shooting out from the treetops bathing the ground below in an eerie white light was enough to chill his blood.  The witness reports that after the lights went out and he realized it was no conventional craft shining a spotlight on the ground, he was overcome by an unexplainable sense of dread.  As he coasted past the location he suddenly had a very clear impression in his mind seemingly out of nowhere.  ‘Go home immediately,’ the mysterious feeling indicated unmistakably.

It’s not uncommon for witnesses to UFO events to suddenly feel strong emotional and psychological effects that seem to go beyond what we would expect for having seen an unexplained floating object or anomalous light phenomena.  The impressions often seem to be linked directly to the witness’ mind in a way that suggests an almost intelligent and unmistakable direction.  Witnesses have reported direct communication as well as indirect impressions such as the one this witness suggests.  Though he doesn’t necessarily attribute the dread or the urge to go home to an alien intelligence, it seems an unusual thing for a witness to want to suddenly change plans in such a drastic way.

Needless to say, this witness was deeply troubled by the incident and only just recently finally came forward with his experience – possibly spurred on by the anniversary of his sighting.

What could these mysterious lights have been?  Somehow a powerful light source was suspended above the treetops in a way that indicated something floating above them and then went out unmistakably in the witness’ presence.  And then there’s the strange sense of dread that followed.  Was the witness the victim of some sort of elaborate prank?  Or was this a close encounter that was entirely unexplainable?