Strange Medicine from the Sky

Throughout the past century there have been a number of strange and unexplained things seen falling from the heavens and impacting the Earth both in populated areas and places where only a few people are affected – and can try to convince the masses that something unusual happened at all.  But as has been the case so many times in the past, the truth does generally come out – and few truths are quite so strange as the strange luminescent goo that periodically falls from the sky.  But where does it come from?  And is it a natural phenomenon or some byproduct of something not entirely normal?  Regardless of its origin, in the writings of John Gaddesdon the substance was reportedly used in the treatment of illness.

The bizarre goo has been theorized to be many things throughout the past century, a sign from the heavens indicating God’s wrath a school of jellyfish caught up in a storm and shredded by the elements, a military experiment designed to change the genetic structure of people, and even an alien substance traveling through space aimlessly until it hits a planet and can find a habitable place to stay.  The last theory has been one of the most popularized and covered most recently in the case of a particularly strange red rain thought at first to be blood falling from the sky in Kerala India.  Later as samples gathered from the rain ended up in the labs of biologists they found that the mystery substance was difficult to categorize and may suggest it came from an altogether novel biosphere.

In medical textbooks the substance was coveted as a rare material that should be gathered if it were ever seen and then used for abscesses including teeth in a poultice.  The substance was said to have regenerative effects.  It is currently unknown how many people were treated in this way.  But if it truly was from space, as so many now suggest, it would certainly have been a first even miraculous by today’s standards to discover it.  And yet it seems it could have been common enough that the substance could be used on people to treat illnesses.

Was Earth once awash in this mysterious substance?  And what inspired early doctors to first use it in medicine?  If the recent stories of slime or other equally mysterious substances raining from the heavens are enough to be worth a second look, it may in fact be worth it to look deeper into the texts of doctors like John Gaddesdon to find out precisely how common these occurrences were and how liberally they were applied to people of the era.  While it may sound like a science fiction story premise to suggest these beings may have eventually become integrated with the human body through this almost ritualized treatment, an entity that can survive in the void of space and the extreme heat of reentry into our atmosphere without coming apart and disintegrating may be able to survive a few generations in the bodies of humans.