Strange Rectangular Craft Witnessed by Many

A strange object has been observed hovering over California, as was reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) by at least two different parties.  Both parties say their sightings happened close to one another at least within two months of one another, and both suggest an encounter with a mysterious rectangular shaped object.

One of the sightings involved a pair of witnesses who were coming home heading south on I-15 when they spotted a mysterious and massive object approximately 700 feet off the ground.  At first the witness thought it could be a helicopter, but as they got closer and got a better look at it, they realized it couldn’t possibly be any traditional aircraft they were aware of.  It was approximately two to three times the length of most known aircraft (90 feet) and a light gray hue in color.  As the witnesses watched, it simply hovered there as they passed by it with no lights on it.  The second witness in the car did not see the object, but they passed by it at a speed of approximately 70 miles per hour.  Later the sighting would trouble the witness.  Little did he know his own sighting would soon be joined by another.

The second sighting happened as a witness was on his way home from Concord after a long day of shopping.  The sighting happened at approximately the same time as the first, at around 8:38 PM just this past week.  This time once again only one of the passengers in the car spotted the strange object as they passed underneath it.  The object was large and rectangular with lights beneath it.  As they passed nearby, the reporting witness said out loud, “What is that!?”  They noticed that the strange craft did not emit any sort of sound, and remained strangely stationary as they passed by it.  The witness reporting the incident said the had been a civil pilot up until 1978, so their report was detailed and included the speed (none) and their expert account of its approximate altitude and size.  And yet strangely enough they described an object strikingly similar to the first.

When one person sees an object in an area that deviates from the standard accepted structure of a flying saucer, it is often discounted as a mistake.  But with two witnesses observing the same object, perhaps there is more to this than a simple coincidence.  What could this strange rectangular object hovering over California be?  And why was it observed on two different occasions?  It seems this mysterious craft is here to stay.  Other witnesses in California reported a number of UFO incidents during a massive UFO flap late last year, but often these were accounts of mysterious craft that didn’t coincide with other reports suggesting witnesses were observing a collection of individual objects rather than the same one.  But could this series of incidents lead us to a new type of flying saucer?  We will keep you up to date as we follow this story.