Strange Sightings Continue in Texas

Friday night’s flood of UFO reports from Fort Worth Texas were perplexing enough, but now another one has cropped up, bringing the total reported sightings on November eighth and ninth to four with over six witnesses so far.  Despite the interesting string of sightings the Lone Star State has been experiencing, no mainstream media attention has been given to it.  In addition to the baffling number of reports, the actual descriptions themselves seem to be essentially talking about seeing the same event in the sky from different locations.  In addition to this, we’ve seen a glut of general UFO activity aside from the 7:15 sightings around Fort Worth.

The sighting occurred on Friday the 6th, as the witness (whose name shall remain protected) was driving northwest along Highway 114 just northwest of Southlake.  As the other reports, this one points out how clear a night it was making it easy to see aerial phenomena.  Unlike the other reports, however, this witness actually claims to have seen the object on its initial descent.  Though he couldn’t pin the exact time, the witness says the object may have entered around 7:10, making it a close match for the other reports.

As the object descended, it actually “deployed,” splitting into four lights each with its own tail like a comet.  As the objects danced in the sky, performing a series of complex flight patterns, the witness pulled to the side of the road and parked.  As the objects continued their elaborate aerial ballet, he noticed the presence of the military aircraft (also reported by other witnesses in the area) patrolling the area.  As the witness attempted to make a phone call, he noticed that his phone had no signal, so he drove to a nearby shopping center and parked in the parking lot outside a video rental store.  The witness describes what he saw, “”¦the first light I saw had stopped descending and was hovering as the three other objects descended in a spiraling pattern. At this time I also saw ‘Other Lights’ suddenly pop on around the first light that was appearing to be stationary in the sky.”

As he watched, the military aircraft flew over the parking lot he was at, approximately two to three thousand feet off the ground.  The witness reports that the craft had four prop engines, and that it was likely unmarked as he did not see any insignia or other identifying marks on its side or wings.  The plane banked around the dancing lights, then as time passed the observer left the scene and continued his journey home.

Of course as this story develops, we’ll keep you up to date.  Already we’ve had several other sightings from Texas this week, but the Thursday and Friday 7:15 sightings appear to be directly related and corroborated by several reports.  It will be interesting to, in the future, see what other reports come up from these past few days, and if the mainstream media will eventually start giving these incredible sightings some airtime.