String of UFO Sightings Coming to an End in Fort Worth?

Two days have passed with no UFO activity reported in the Fort Worth Texas area, leading those who have been following the activity to speculate that the pattern may have been broken.  Though several have ventured guesses into the activity, it’s unclear in retrospect what it all meant.  And the only evidence we’re left with aside from grainy photographs are the facts we can confirm: Every night for a little under two weeks reports would come in of UFOs sighted in the area around Fort Worth, Texas around the clock, but with special consistency around 7:10 to 7:15.

The sightings began on the first with an unlit dark object, massive in size, hovering approximately 1,000 feet above the observer, moving soundlessly.  What would follow would be a series of sightings and aerial phenomena that would perplex dozens, if not hundreds of observers, yet never reach the attention of national televised news.

Though it’s obvious to draw an alien parallel to this phenomena, there was also a significant military or terrestrial presence in this phenomena, as unidentified phenomena would be often “chased” or followed by earthly craft without marking of obvious military origin.  In addition, the fact that the sightings often occurred at 7:15 suggested a terrestrial origin as it acknowledges in some way the earth’s 24 hour cycle.  So if the craft were not terrestrial, yet were appearing at a specific time, what can be drawn from these reports?

Two things:  The general uninteresting blanket claim may be that there is a massive conspiracy among the reporters of these UFOs to make fools out of those who read them.  This doesn’t seem terribly likely, considering the number of people involved and the general lack of attention paid to standard UFO reports by mass media.  Often hoaxers will attempt to add their own spin to the phenomena, or up the stakes to get more attention paid to their work.  So if it wasn’t hoaxers, what could it have been?  If the military were testing aircraft capable of glowing and rising to the sky before falling at hundreds of miles per hour, why test such an object directly above a heavily populated area?  The answer seems to be that this couldn’t have been a flight test, but rather something else.

Whatever was happening in the Fort Worth Texas area at 7:15 consistently for several days, something with a great ability to fly took interest, and was not afraid to show its presence.  It’s also indicated that local authorities or possibly even the military may have been aware of the activity, as they appeared on the scene several times as the sightings went on in unmarked planes and/or helicopters.  This last aspect of the phenomena, while it can’t be discounted, is at least a little suspect due to its proximity to an airport.  So what could have been happening in the Fort Worth area to attract the attention of such phantasmagorical voyagers?

After scouring several newspapers from the Fort Worth area, nothing of note came up relevant to the past few days.  One possibly unrelated thing of interest did appear, as Fort Worth was in 2008 the location of a great number of UFO sightings on January 8th.  The time these UFO sightings started?  You guessed it: 7:15.