Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin UFO Sighting Reported

Details: I was taking Gomer ( my dog) for a walk Friday night around the back side of the farm when I heard a soft humming sound. It sounded a lot like the humming you hear when you are around an electical transformer.  Being that there are only trees and a stream on the North edge of the property, there is not a chance that the noise was caused by electical lines.  Suddenly the noise got a lot louder and I saw a very large object rise up in the sky – it had been obstructed by the barn.  The object was a light green in color and about the shape and size of a blimp. It had a row of lights along the bottom and a silver metalic ring along the top.  I watched it rise until it was about 60 degrees in the horizon.  This took about 30 seconds. In an attempt to get this on film I ran to the house to get a camera.  As I was running, I could see that the object was starting to move and there was no way I would get home in time so I called my ex wife Steph and neighbor Arch to alert th!
em of the object. I got a hold of both but they just had time to get to the window to see the object before it disappeared towards Green Bay.

In all the commotion, I lost track of my dog and as of today ( one day later ) I have not found her.  I talked one of my friends who is a Sturgeon Bay Cop. He told me not to file a report but I needed to at least get record my sighting somewhere.
They are really out there – PFW

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