Suspected Alien Kidnapping

I was at my house on Monday when all of a sudden my son saw lights outside and it was about 9:30 PM when he yelled,”Dad look!Look!” by that time I was in awe of what was going on, it was unexplainable. We looked at it for about 3 minutes when it flew at an amazing speeds upwards, there were about three of them. The next day it was about 7:51 when I took a glance at the clock when my son and me saw the UFOs again. This time the whole sighting took about 12 minutes. Then the next day we had a camera and everything, it was about 8:43 they started flying menacing all over the sky, I took pictures but they wouldn’t develop for some reason, then they seemed to have malfunction errors, but it wasn’t, the aliens I’m presumming developed a sort of abdution beam by doing that through kinetic energy. Then they dissappeared, or so I thought. Then in the middle of the night I’m thinking about 3 o’clock when this happened, lights were all over my house the colors were green,red,violet, and gray.Then I look at my son’s room and he wasn’t there, I called the police. When they arrived I told them about what my son and I have been seeing over the past few days, the police didn’t seem quite interested in that, I insisted that they believed in my story I keep telling them that my son was abducted, they yelled at me and said I didn’t see anything. Its been hard without him.