Tall Amorphous Stick Creature Filmed Walking on Lawn

A new video just released to Youtube shows an extremely bizarre phenomenon.  Two entities, previously unseen elsewhere in the paranormal community have been videotaped walking in front of a security camera.  Well, they may have been unseen before, but this is the first we’ve seen them from such a clear angle.  For reasons that will become obvious to anyone actually watching the film, this one goes beyond the norm of the paranormal and begins moving into territory that suggests an almost abstract being.

The couple had been having trouble with a string of burglaries that had been taking place in their neighborhood the previous few weeks and decided to leave a video camera running on their property.  As the camera rolled on, the couple slept.  But that night something came waltzing through that appeared unlike any known creature on Earth.  These things didn’t even come close to any known organic physiology.  And yet they walked, as if on stilts through the yard in the dead of night.  After watching the video a few times, it’s clear the feet are not dragging as one would expect from a normal walking creature.  Instead, they seem to almost subtly snap to where they need to be.

And though the entities had not been seen before, a similar one was spotted moving from a different angle on a night security feed before.  The stick creature is bipedal and seems to be nothing but a pair of strange ghostly legs connecting at the top of the creature that sneaks through the yard soundlessly.  There does appear to be some sort of blowing material draped around it, but it’s difficult to determine whether this is something the creature is wearing or if it is simply part of its bizarre physiology.

The entities could be part of a hoax, but after studying all forms of computer graphics capabilities, this doesn’t appear to be the case this time.  And even if they were somehow some sort of puppet, it would be difficult to determine just how the puppeteer would manage to hold them vertically in an open field and have them walking through with no visible means of support.  Robotics couldn’t handle the dexterity of the task, and a person in a suit is even less believable than that.  So what are we looking at?

It’s simply unexplainable.  Is this a new type of creature that’s breaking out into the mainstream?  Or are we looking at a different sort of hoax implementing a method never before seen?  The video speaks for itself in terms of strangeness.  Now we just have to figure out what it all means.

Perhaps most bizarre is the fact that this taller creature is joined by a smaller creature lagging just behind it and off in the distance a bit.  Is this a baby version of the walking stick figure?  Does this mean there will be more in the future?