Technical aspects of UFOs

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Hi Folks!

Received this list of questions about the technical aspects of UFOs
and thought it might be of interest to some.
> In “Field Resonance Propulsion” I saw “KeelyNet” described as a
group of
> serious technical UFO researchers. I am experimenting with magnetic
pulses for
> propulsion.

Well, I wouldn’t go that far….we do try to remain as technically
based as possible but there are a lot of overlaps with spook stuff
including paranormal.

I was involved with the MUFON metroplex group here in Dallas where we
would get from 200 – 600 people to attend our monthly lectures….we
had Budd Hopkins, Travis Walton, Betty Hill, Ted Phillips, Stan
Friedman, Walt Andrus, you name it….even Mr. Ed and his wife..

All interesting people but not one whit of proof, EVER, which is why I
got out of that form of UFO investigation, preferring to look into the
more technical side of it…by that I mean, how can we duplicate it
and if so, we can chase down the others and find out who they really
are without all the bullshit.

Mine and the KeelyNet approach has been to correlate many observations
looking for patterns that would lead to experiments.

> My questions are:

> Is a landing site ever cooked as by a microwave?

Yes, Ted Phillips did a lot of ‘soil compaction’ studies and found
that the wetting properties of the soil taken from a UFO landing site
were almost gone, as if completely cooked away in some high density
field, which is what a microwave field would do.

> Interference to TV or radio?

Yes, there appears to be an ‘electron quenching’ effect where some
kindo f interference field emanates from the UFO to slow the flow of
electrons in a circuit.
The closest we have been able to find on this is an arcane anecdotal
story about a teenager in the early 1950s who was fiddling with his
Dads WWII transceiver…he was just sweeping the dial for broadcast.

He landed on one unspecified frequency and left the unit on and
transmitting while he went elsewhere. About that time, all the
vehicles in a mile or so radius just stopped and would not start back
up again.

After a few hours, someone picked up the frequency and triangulated to
locate and disable the source..at that time, all the vehicles started
back up.

That is the closest thing I’ve seen to the phenomenon. It certainly
indicates that electrons, having a fixed dimension must also have a
fixed resonant frequency so perhaps one of these broadcast frequencies
is a harmonic of the small dimensioned electrons…it is an
interesting idea and a helluva weapon…can you say EMP??

> Interference to car ignition?

Same as above…

> Sound levels?

The best I’ve ever seen was the Billy Meier case. Though much of
Meiers case is suspect, there are pieces of it that just ‘ring true’.
He claims to have recorded one of these ships, hovering invisibly
above a crowd and emanating a complex symphony of sound.

He claims he was told this was the key to their ability to levitate
and propel the craft. In the Meir Chronicle tapes, this audio section
is included.

It is claimed that a sound engineer analyzed it and said it would take
the work of multiple orchestras playing simultaneously to produce this
acoustic signature.

You might want to check out the file Saucer Song which is a constant
inspiration to me. It is located at;


and the excellent compilation file frrom Terry Bastian at;


I have little doubt that with the material even currently posted at
KeelyNet that the secrets are THERE, we just haven’t correlated them
properly yet….good luck.