Telepathic Communication and “Them”

It’s a topic that is gaining some popularity on internet forums, and yet seems strangely mystifying to those who are “uninitiated.”  The topic of telepathic communication with aliens is no doubt gaining steam as the concept of aliens fills many cultural niches that are left otherwise wanting in today’s technological society.  But who are these people who claim contact with beings from the stars?  And what does their contact have to do with our past?

“It’s like speaking with any other type of entity via telepathy,” said a man wishing to go simply by the name of Andros, “And also it’s completely different.  What we do is both strange and wonderful.”  Andros is currently studying cultural anthropology and history at the University of Maryland.  I was able to contact him through an internet forum, and he offered his thoughts on the prospect of   Though it isn’t his real name, it is the name he goes by when communicating with his mentor, whose name he would not disclose for privacy reasons.  His “benefactor” as Andros calls him, guides him in many matters – helping with everything from his personal finances to matters of a more spiritual matter.  The being, according to Andros is a blood relative of sorts that allows him to gain perspective and insight of an extraterrestrial nature.  He says the communication happens sometimes up to several times a day sometimes while others it will not happen for months at a time.

When asked how serious he was about this communication, Andros brought up an interesting point that seemed one that he thinks deserves a second look by those in the spiritual community.  He says the communication between him and his benefactor is very similar to the communication that went on between those in the spiritualist movement and their deceased ancestors.  It is purely in the mind, leaving no evidence behind and yet can provide insights unlike anything experienced by others into things that his senses normally would not pick up on.  The difference is merely one of sources.  Andros says the difference between his own sightings and those experienced by others, for example in tribal cultures or even certain new age spiritualist movements is that the beings he communicates with are speaking candidly about their true source while others use mysticism and symbols to explain their existence.

Many of us may disagree with Andros about his take on spirituality, but it is not an entirely unique one.  In fact, it is a quickly growing spiritual movement in new age circles suggesting there is a significant cultural push away from traditional forms of mysticism, replacing them in some circles with more technological explanations that seem no less mystical to many participants.  Of course the same questions that arise in many of the traditional circles of mysticism must also be asked of these newer movements.  When I posed the anthropologically motivated question, “Why you?” to Andros he suggested that he was chosen for reasons that even he did not understand.  Of course he is also the first to admit that in UFO circles his spiritualist approach is in the minority, but enigmatically suggested toward the end of our interview, “In time, people like you will understand too.”