The Alien History of Phoenix Arizona

Few cities in the United States have had more numerous or dramatic close encounters than the city of Phoenix, Arizona.  And after the September 14, 2011 sightings made public by an apprehensive but interested national media, and the subsequent mysterious disappearance of the objects in question, it may be worthwhile to trek back to Phoenix to continue a story that started decades ago with the incident now known as the Phoenix Lights.

Perhaps one of the biggest and most well covered UFO stories of all time, the Phoenix Lights were an incident that soon brought the word UFO back to the dinner table not only in the city itself, but worldwide.  Even the governor mobilized his team to respond to the strange sighting of massive ships over the city.  But his response was poorly received.  Hoping to make light of the matter and keep an apprehensive public from panicking, governor Fife Symington assembled a press meeting and announced he had the party responsible for the mile long craft witnessed over the city of Phoenix.  When Symington’s own aide entered dressed in an alien costume the assembled press did find the spectacle funny.  But witnesses, including Symington by his own admission later, were not amused.  He would later tell investigators that as a pilot he had seen all sorts of objects flown by human hands.  And this looked like none of them.

The Phoenix Lights became the subject of great public controversy and several books on the subject.  Eventually even paranormal talk radio host Art Bell would do a number of features over the years on the subject with guests ranging from witnesses to the investigators who interviewed them.  Several shows, books, documentaries, and late night unofficial inquiries later still no one had any answers.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that the incident that started in 1997 would make another appearance in 2007.  And the explanation to go along with it would match the Air Force’s explanation in the previous one.  They stated it was nothing more then flares dropped from the planes.  But even flares have to adhere to the laws of physics in one way or another.  Nonetheless, once again in 2008 the lights appeared again.  If it had been the Air Force you would think they would have learned how important it was not to do this specific maneuver without telling the people in the nearby city that it would be going on.  And if not that, then at least you’d think they would have stopped saying there were no lights in the sky only to later drop hints to a field exercise later.

And of course there is this most recent incident where a craft was seen not only over the city of Phoenix Arizona, but all the way in California.  Indeed many military craft could be seen following the object, according to eye witnesses.  And yet somehow we doubt the training exercise explanation will fly this time.