The Alien Truth

Many people around the globe have seen UFOS. Some say they have seen it land in far off open fields and that after a while it took off leaving behind the crop circles. Are these Crop circles made by the landing impact of spaceships off inhabitants that are not from earth? 

There are many complaints regarding the crop circles, where people are saying that they actually saw a UFO. If at all their talks are true then where have these aliens come from and where do they go back? NASA has done research on many planets that are closer to earth or at least within our reach, but haven’t found any conclusive evidence. If these spaceships happen to come from far of distant planets that are many light years away from us then how did they ever manage to reach our earth? Then this would mean that there is life in outer space. Maybe the life cycle of such planets may not be similar to ours. There might be different kind of living creatures that could be smarter or even more advanced compared to our technology or may be they might be the same as us. Who knows? If they can manage to come to our planet then there is a possibility that they can completely destroy us, with their command over technology.

There are many video clips on the internet regarding the UFOs but none of them seems to give us a clear view of it. This has been the only reason that we cannot really decide, as to whether there has been any alien invasion on our earth. There are also photographs of alien like beings but neither are these available in right content where some say, these pictures have actually been designed on computers. If at all there are such aliens existence why aren’t they different than us other than the only comparison where we see they have more or less fingers compared to us, why can’t these people creating alien images come up with new ideas of sketching a different alien? After all a alien is supposed to be an unknown creature to us which might hail from a far away planet then why is it that we keep on showing people the same old alien clips and photographs that are not believed by most people.

The outer space is never ending where we cannot even think of reaching or even search for life. Some planets are far too hot or some are simply unbearably cold, some consist of nothing but rocks where as some consist just sand. All these barren places have different gravitational force. May be there is another planet other than us that can sustain life. Our planet, it has various reasons of having life on earth but the most important one is the sun. Possibly our earth would have never existed a life cycle without our sun. There are many stars in the entire universe so the probability of life is surely there in our own milky way itself and that’s why they say the aliens could have come from anywhere.