The Battle of LA 70 Year Anniversary a Year Away Already

The Battle of LA as it was called has recently been turned into a film whose trailer is generating a lot of buzz.  But far different from the original Battle of LA, the movie seems to be a contemporary science fiction adventure.  But even now as we look back on the famous incident there are several details that simply cannot be explained even as they come under modern scrutiny.  Here’s our exploration of the events in Los Angeles on the night of February 25 1942 as the 70 year anniversary is almost a year away.

The incident began with a peculiar object seen hovering in the sky.  As the early morning hours came up those still awake witnessed the object slowly moving over the city and making its way low in the sky.  Soon aircraft guns were calibrated to fire at the object as it hung suspended over the city and spotlights were arranged to focus in on the tremendous craft.  The city’s lights were doused completely to stop any incoming bomber squadrons from being able to locate targets on the ground to fire on.  And as the witnesses scattered in the ensuing chaos and motorists attempted to navigate the streets in the pitch blackness and booming sounds as anti-aircraft guns started firing up into the air everyone waited and watched hoping to score a direct hit on the object that would bring it down to the ground.

The strange glowing disc-shaped craft just hung there as shells either passed through it or bounced harmlessly off the side.  Aircraft approached it several times but were each time unable to score a hit on the brilliantly lit object.  A photographer pointed his camera up at the sky and caught one of the most stunning photographs of a UFO to date with several beams of light shining on it.  And yet amid all the chaos nothing more happened.  As the sun rose the object simply vanished and the sirens fell once again into their uneasy slumber.

But what was that strange object that hovered above the city of Los Angeles?  Some have reported that the object was one of the first mass sightings of an unidentified flying object reported commonly as a flying saucer now while others have said it was a stray spy balloon or similar object.  The battle of Los Angeles does, however, have its victims.  Many witnesses on the ground were reportedly injured by the anti-aircraft shells as they fell to the ground.  And while the witnesses were watching the skies there was reportedly a slew of reports suggesting other property damage as witnesses attempted to navigate their ways to safety amid the ensuing chaos.

If the object were extraterrestrial, what would the purpose of such a brilliant display have been?  Some theorists have pointed to the relationship between these extraterrestrials and the air force suggesting it may have been a show of technological power on the part of the visiting aliens.  Still others have reported it could have been an unknown device planted by enemy forces designed to disrupt the military and possibly prime them for an attack that never took place.